The Fifth Dimension

Everyone die, no exception

Unfortunately, even you are reading this blog, you never exist in this world hundred years later from now. No exception of that. Everyone has to die, and leave this world. If you believe the life after death, you can still live as a soul in the spiritual world, as matter of fact, even you don’t believe it as an atheist, still you exist as a soul but you don’t recognize it that you had died already. Chances are you stay in this world as a ‘ghost’ or go down into the hell. Most of the case once your pulse of your heart stopped, usually after 24 hours the silver cord which is a spiritual thread connecting your head and spiritual body will be disconnected, that is traditionally a definition of death in Japan. That is why we have a “Otsuya” (the wake) and funeral in order to earn 24 hours before cremation. Before the disconnection of the silver code, if you were cremated you feel still a pain so that it disturbs your peaceful transition from this world to the fourth dimension.

Condition of Fifth Dimension

Fifth dimension is the realm that those who have a good mind and conscience come to this world. While you are living in this world you didn’t make any exploits, not high position, not high status, not rich, it doesn’t matter. Those who are very kind, honest, merciful, and good person deserve to be a resident in this dimension. Also, some leaders and politicians dwell in this realm.

Importance of Spirituality

The spiritual world is the realm that it just matters your thoughts and spirituality. No material things matter in the other world. Just pursuing happiness by acquiring earthy matters doesn’t guarantee happiness in the spiritual world. Living honestly, giving love and kind to others, these invisible elements are more important than material success in the spiritual realm. Pure heart, pure mind, cleanness, conscience, and honesty do a job in this realm. So, let’s try to attain those kinds of heart not only desire material achievements.


Intuition and Inspiration

According the guy who published his book written about launching the insurance business at the age of sixty, he was often asked that why he could begin his business without hesitation, he answered “I followed my intuition, I trusted it and believe it.” Where did his intuition come from? He said, “It came from my brain that has accumulated a lot of knowledge from a large amount of reading compared with other people, my brain outputs the result instantly as an intuition.”

I understand what he said as the fact that our brain calculates based on the knowledge stored, it then gives some directions and advices. However, our intuition and inspiration come from inside of our mind and heart. It is called a subconscious which is our intelligent that has accumulated wisdoms into our soul in the spiritual world through many lives. All experiences from each life are stored in your soul as one of your guardian spirit. The life on earth is one of the incarnations of your soul. That is only a small portion of your energy dwells in the spirit world. Your soul consists of one core and six spirits. Each spirit lived on earth before it contains memory of its life. All six spirits share experience and memory just as six siblings, one big brother and five small brothers. These six spirits take turns life on earth in order to evolve the entire soul. Usually, the spirit who is born next becomes your guardian spirit who guides you and gives you the intuition and inspiration to the spirit living on earth now. In order to receive their guidance, you have to have pure mind that can connect to your guardian spirit.

Otherwise you are alone without appropriate guidance from ‘yourself’, the worst case is that you are ‘guided by evil spirits as your guardians. Self-reflection is the meditation that cleanse your mind and heart so that you have a route to communicate with your guardian spirit. Once you cleanse your mind by reflective meditation then practice meditation with your guardian spirit allow you to ask any questions about your problems of the life, he or she will give you answers. It is a benefit of meditation as an arhat practitioner.


How are our practice going?

An aftermath story of a beginner who progressed her spiritual capability through two years practice.

I have talked about how one of students has progressed her spirituality very much by attending our two years course designed to become an arhat before. She was a very beginner and never attended this kind of course to practice mainly self reflective meditation. She was also not familiar with even a basic Buddhism at the time she joined it. However, in terms of two year diligent practice, surprising enough she has reached our intended goal that is the state of mind of arhat, so that she can now talk to her true self which is her guardian spirit who gives wisdoms for her fulfillment of life.

After finishing this course, she attended one of short basic courses of the eightfold path hold in our retreat center in Japan. Although, she had spend three hours every week for two years in our class, it didn’t cover the eightfold path which is very well known to reflect the mind in order to cleanse our mind. She expected the course was good for her and we expected some good impression from her about three days retreat of a basic eightfold path, but she just said it was kind of boring. Even she started from scratch two years ago, now she has developed her spirituality in some degree on arhat, it seems it was easy. In this case, I really confirmed that our two years course was so powerful for attendees that they have developed their spirituality very much.

It was very simple course, one hour study about the mechanism of ‘心’ mind and heart at beginning, then at least fifty minutes of self reflection and ten to twenty minutes of meditation practices in every class.

Some others of course have progressed their spiritual ability such as feeling light, warmth, tears, and automatic writing. Those people had never felt fifty minutes was not so long, rather it was sometime short.

True Success

True success is to evolve our souls through each life. That is the reason why we are here on earth. We had had a wonderful life in the other world before we were born here, but since living up there for around two to three hundred years so we got bored such a beautiful and harmonizing life in the heaven. We thought it was a time to come down here to do other disciplines to elevate your soul and natures given by God or Buddha. In spite of such a fact we have setbacks, problems, unstable moment in the life, because these are designed by ourselves who try to develop their souls as spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, we all have forgotten our original life plan that we made schedule so that we all complain about those kind of sufferings, setbacks and burdens down pouring in our lives. That’s why it is said that there is no burden that we cannot carry, we all can solve these problems of life by our own power.

To know about the original intention what to do in this life, it is necessary to keep and hold the pureness of the mind called “arhat” through the spiritual training.

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Spiritual Growth

Those who want to make a spiritual growth and evolution of the soul should aim to become an arhat first. Arhat is the state of mind that your heart (‘心’)is so pure that you can communicate with your guardian spirit who is some portion of your energy resides in the other world. To attain that state of mind you need to practice self-reflection with studying truths about system of mind and heart. It is said that it takes a couple of weeks to be an arhat but maintaining it is very hard due to having shaking minds in a day. Once you had a negative mind, you lose arhat state immediately then you should try it again. However, if you could keep the unshakable mind at least for a couple of years then you are ‘certified’ as the completion of arhat, which you don’t lose it easily.

Self-reflection is a very key to become an arhat. It has power to cleanse your mind and heart. “Three thousand thoughts”: Zhiyi taught the principle of ‘Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought Moment’ (一念三千) , our thoughts and thinkings go around three hundred thirty degrees, any degrees in a single day, up and down also. Unless we cannot have an unshakable mind, you never get this kind of peaceful mind as an arhat. The negative minds – ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’: greed, anger, foolishness: creates darkness in your mind so that they cut off the communication line with your guardian spirits who are guiding and supporting you. Let’s always check our thought and thinking before we speak out, Let’s scan our mind and heart every hour every moment like a security software if there are virus, spams occupying within your mind or not. Let’s reflect our greedy, selfish, angry, and foolish mind before going to bed.

Planting negative seeds within your mind will cause the other bad fruits in your life,

First you sow a seed: the cause,

Next you water it: the condition,

Then it bears fruit: the result,

And you reap it: the reward,

Even we have ‘Three thousand thoughts’ every day, controlling them with self-reflective meditation, it brings us to possess a peaceful mind and happiness in our lives.


The Four Zen Meditation 2.

The fourth stage of The Four Zen Meditation

There are two parts in this stage.

  1. Conversation with your guardian spirit

The first section is communicating with your guardian spirit. Once you reached the state of mind Nirvana through three stages practiced before – Meditation of Stream of a River, Meditation of Wind and Cloud, The Meditation of Moon, you are ready to contact with your guardian spirit who is a part of your soul dwells in the heaven. Now your mind and heart is supposed to be pure enough to reach to yourself. If your mind and heart is filled with negative thoughts such as greed, anger, foolishness (complain), which these negative ones are called ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’ shields the connection between you and your guardian spirit. Your mind and heart should be very clear and calm and has to have serenity  and peace by self reflective meditation such as above three stages. If you don’t have this mind and heart sometimes it is dangerous. Your frequency of the mind and heart is not heading above, this means the hands of the mind and heart is not indicating 12 O’clock, chances are evil spirits possess you instead of being attracted by your guardian spirit. Also you have to choose a right place such as very quiet and a right time such as not very late night. Now you can talk to your guardian spirit. If you have problems simply ask them to your guardian spirit. Talking yourself. Then if your mind is pure enough, you will hear voices from inside of you. If you hear voices through your ears, that is not the one from your guardian spirit. Additionally, if you will feel warmth around your heart, it is a right sign instead you feel coldness. Try ask other questions, depend on a guardian spirit, usually he or she gives you harsh advices. Sweet ones are dangerous sometimes from evils. During conversation with your guardian spirit, try to be egoless, think other’s happiness. That makes you more secure.

    2. Receiving light from heaven

The second part is to receive light from heavenly world.

After a while conversation with your guardian spirit, now it is a time to receive light from heavenly world. You will feel peace, joy, and bliss. Sometimes tears flow from your eyes. I didn’t talk anything about posture and position of hands, in this fourth stage, it is appropriate to put your hands together.

Usually, we practice with guidance and some music. I will talk about it some time later.


The Four Zen (Stage) Meditation

It is a meditation for communicating with your guardian spirit. Although each step has particular meaning and purpose, the final aim is to receive inspiration for casting away your problem in your life contacted from your guardian spirit. We often practice this mediation in the morning before the retreat in our facilities.


1) Meditation of Steam of River

This is the first stage that you allow yourself in a stream of a river to feel you are essentially a spiritual being. Once you are born here spending over many years in this material world, we all forget our true figure – spirit, leaving yourself to the flow of a river, you will attain one of the three Dharma seals (impermanence, non-self, and nirvana) – the impermanence of all things. Nothing stays same, everything in this world is transient.


2) Meditation of Wind and Cloud

Once you reminded the fact that you are an originally spiritual being in the first stage, next thing that we practice is to get rid of worldly desires originated from ‘The Six Origins” – Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body, and Consciousness. You image wind and clouds in this meditation and try to be them, while you are doing so, you are aware of your worldly desires created through the six origins sticking in your mind and heart. To become wind and clouds, try to get rid of all attachments within you. Also it is a meditation to feel the second seal of the three Dharma seals – the egoless of all phenomena.


3) Meditation of Moon

Now you could cut off all chains of attachments sticking in your mind and heart, you feel liberation, freedom so that you can fly up into the other world. Now you are free from this world completely with the perfect tranquility sitting and meditating to become a moon itself in the spirit world. A moon represents peace and satisfaction – nirvana, this is the third seal of the three Dharma seals.


4) Meditation of Conversation with your guardian spirit

(To be continued)


Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 5.

Ultimate purpose of Buddhism is to attain Enlightenment to solve problems of life. Buddha said “Life is suffering.” almost two thousand six hundred years ago. Nowadays there are so many sects of Buddhism including traditional and recent ones in Japan, among them Soto shu is one of very well know to practice meditation as they say “只管打坐” (Shikantaza) means just sit. It will give you some benefit for you through it someway somehow comparing without doing it. But without having some purposes, although I think there are many purposes for meditations, for instance for health, success, problem solving so on, we should focus on the original meaning of meditation that Buddha taught to his disciples in the age when he had enlightened as we meditate. That is to cast away your sufferings with wisdoms through meditation like the eightfold path then emancipating from this world to the other world by keeping a peaceful mind called nirvana. In order to do this, we have to be an arhat with appropriate disciplines.

In our two year course to aim to become an arhat, one of students had progressed her spirituality very much. As I wrote in past blogs, she could see her guardian spirits who are some portions of her incarnation residing in the heaven watching and supporting her life. She could see their lower bodies in the beginning of the second year. Furthermore, as a sign of on the way to be an arhat, she could talk to her guardian spirit who told her mission of the life clearly. At end of this course, the most obvious sign to become an arhat was she was holding hostility to a woman, but she was corrected not to have such an enmity to her by her guardian spirit. She got tears in her eyes but also she could see the face of her guardian spirit, it was a monk with beard.

Through the practicing meditation, you can cleanse your mind and heart, your pure mind and heart allow you to communicate with your true self who is your guardian spirit and actually a part of you dwelling in the spirit world, he or she gives you wisdom to solve the problems also the true purpose of your life.


‘Form is emptiness; emptiness is form’ (色即是空 空即是色)

As I posted about ‘Emptiness’ (空) yesterday, ‘Form is emptiness; emptiness is form’ (色即是空 空即是色)is also big words in Buddhism. If you know a Japanese actor ‘Yusaku Matsuda’, who use to be well-known in Japan, also some American may still know because he was in the American movie entitled “Black Rain”, it is very surprised at the fact that in his tombstone, these words were engraved because he was seemed not be ‘that kind of type’. ‘Form is emptiness; emptiness is form’, these are the words translated into English from the words ‘色即是空 空即是色’ in the Heart Sutra  (The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra “般若心経” or “般若心経波羅蜜心経”) , which is originally written in Sanskrit then translated into Chinese, it was brought back to Japan, monks were learned it in the temple. Its Chinese version has only 257 Chinese characters, or some says 260 or 262 yet it is a very short sutra. It is Buddha’s preaching to one of his disciple named ‘舎利子’ or ‘舎利弗’ (Sariputta) nicknamed as ‘Wisdom Number one’. Even only two hundred sixty characters it explains very essence of Buddhism, ‘Form is emptiness; emptiness is form’ is one of them. However, for my feeling, both Japanese and English translated version aren’t as good as Chinese version which I feel some power in it.

What does ‘Form is emptiness; emptiness is form’ (色即是空 空即是色)means? If it is translated into English directly, it is ‘A color is an emptiness, emptiness is a color’. In this case ‘a color’ is a materials or stuffs have colors. So it means all materials are ‘emptiness’, it means all materials in this world is not substantial, solid, fixed or eternal. They are temporary existences here in the third dimension but the idea of these stuffs exists in the other world. As same as the concept of ‘空’ (Emptiness) explained yesterday, we human beings exist here temporarily as spiritual beings essentially, after we die, we go back to the spiritual world.

Contrally, what does ‘空即是色’ (Emptiness is form)  mean? We all human beings as spiritual beings, we come down this world in order to evolve our souls as human beings have colors but no colors in souls, also all existences in this world are a shadow of the other world.

This concept is revealed also in the ‘Three Dharma Seals’ or ‘Three Marks of Buddhism’, such as ‘the impermanence of all things’, ‘the egolessness of all phenomena’, ‘the perfect serenity – nirvana’. These are also big words in the buddhism, so talk about them later.


Emptiness in Buddhism

What is ‘Emptiness’ (空)? Actually there are a variety of definitions in it, in some cases, there is also a totally opposite explanation. Yet it is a very essence of Buddhism. However the idea of ‘emptiness’ (sunyata in Sanskrit) is very hard to understand if you limited your cognision of the world just to this world. Instead of understanding this concept ‘emptiness’ intellectually, it is necessary to grab the idea with deep and spiritual insight.

To explain ‘emptiness’ simply, it is that we are essentially a spiritual being and life in this world is only temporary, then after we die we go back to the spirit world. So there is no fixed and firm existence in this world, everything is transient so that do not attach too much in this material world. Like a water mill we all go around this world and the other world. The bottom in the stream of river is this life, the top is in the other world. This is a concept of ‘emptiness’, it does not mean that there is nothing, but denotes that things transmute with the passage of time and therefore they have no solid or fixed substance.

As I mentioned above, there are other definitions that explaining in other ways, although the essence of buddhism is to have state of mind ‘nirvana’ by emancipating from this world without attachments (too much desires) in this world by knowing the truth of this life’s meanings. Unless you don’t understand this concept of ‘emptiness’ fully, if you just pursuit your happiness in the material world, you won’t have true happiness.