How to Attain the True Widsom!

It is often said that only twenty percents of our consciousness are used but eighty percents of one which resides in the other dimension are not accessed in this lifetime usually because our superficial consciousness is alway active in our daily life. That means we waste our whole energy and wisdom that we have already attained in the past. To utilize the whole assets we have owned, it is necessary to cease the process of superficial consciousness for reaching the subconscious embedded under it. While we are sleeping the superficial consciousness becomes dormant so that we will see some strange dreams that are projected from the source we don’t access during date time. By calming waves of superficial mind through the appropriate meditation the subconscious will be accessible so that more wisdom will be obtained from the resources we don’t usually use. One of the most efficient methods to access an abundant database of our own is to practice the self-reflection that has the power to cleanse our mind and thoughts for purifying and smoothing the superficial consciousness.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.43.22 PM.png

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