Sin and Progess

In the noble 氷点 (”Hyoten”) written by Ayako Miura, who got 10 million yens almost fifty five years ago as an award of the Asahi news paper, at end of that noble which is very marvelous Yoko, who is a heroin finally attained a state of pure bliss feeling the existence of “Greatness” whom she had never got before at the far east of Hokkaido in the middle of March by watching drift ices transforming colors by sunset light. This moment of ecstasy gave her the forgiveness against all sins that were originated by her fate of birth being melt down all of them.

Human can forgive the sins? …. Encountering and awareness of “Great Existence” could do it. God and Buddha allows us, it allows ourselves and others.

In a ordinally day whether we are not making sins or not, as a human being it depends on whether we have progress something for our souls, evolving them or not? Either in the middle of suffering, setback, sorrow or success, joy, happiness, it doesn’t matter. No matter what kind of situation we are in, we could progress and evolve our souls through these conditions.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 11.05.21 AM

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