Success and Effort

The Law of Cause and Effect is always true in the spiritual world but even this world too. Everything is consisted of an energy, even physical objects too. If we look at them under a microscope, these are made of vibrating particles. In the middle of twenty century in England Mr. Maurice Barbanell, an editor of “Psychic New” had researched by calling the spirit called “Silver birch”. One of the questions was “The Law of Cause and Effect is true or not”. Silver birch answered “Yes, it’s true. In the spirit world it is always true, but in your world if you look at it as long term, it is always true”. Energy that we made from our efforts always works as rightly as the Law of Conservation of Energy works in the physics, especially in the spiritual world correctly. However, it seems sometimes our efforts become vain. It brings different result. It is called “異熟”(ijuku) – different result. That means the Law of Conservation of Energy doesn’t work well in this world. Everything is energy so the energy you made by your own efforts appears differently then brings different fruits, however, in the long term it results always true, if you allow yourself to wait it beyond this world. Our success is guaranteed by our efforts on both the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Energy Conservation.

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