Keep Pureness of Mind & Heart

In the old play “出家とその仏弟子”(”Master and Disciples”) written by Hyakuzou Kurata, 善鸞(Zenran) , who is a son of 親鸞(Shinran) said that “I feel that I am a deep sinner, but if I soil my soul too deeply I will not be able to receive things straight, in terms of quite dirty of my mind and heart.” He was wanting to meet his father “Shinran” who he has been apart so long due to his prodigal life, but he couldn’t allow himself to do it by his own conscience. If you defiled your soul too much by your evil and negative thoughts and deeds, you cannot repent your sin easily also aren’t able to cleanse your soul simply because you know your darkness of the mind and heart, so that it requires the power to forgive yourself first before asking forgiveness of your sins to those whom you made crimes and faults.

Never too late for it, however before we become such a situation, we need to have a custom and training to avoid such a case though practicing “Self-Reflective” programs to harmonize with others and forgive yourself. Keeping your mind and hear pure by some proper approaches is very necessary for our wonderful and peaceful life.

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