Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 2.

I have conducted and just finished the two-years session that is a “Self-Reflective” seminar to look back the whole life divided each ages such as from the age when you were born to five year old then from five to ten year old and so on up to your age with some specific perspective to remember not only your deeds but also what you thought in that age and in that era especially if you have still negative thoughts on your parents, siblings, friends, and others. It is like a regression therapy, once you found reasons why you had been harmed by your parent or some others, you can be healed by remembering and finding reasons and facts that you had been harmed. Actually, this class is not only designed as a mental healing course but mainly to find true-self through “self-reflective” meditations, we could see so many miracles happended through this course, even main purpose of seminar is to communicate with your own essential figure residing in the other dimension by cleasing “心” (kokoro) through practicing self-reflective meditation.

One of the participants who had not had this kind of sessions before, in addition she was not spiritual at all. She could sense any intuitions, inspirations also never feel invisible existences such as angels, guardian spirit who is a part of you as I described above, who is an essential figure of you dwelling in the spirit realm.

In the first year she had no spiritual progress that she hadn’t had any spiritual fenomeno like warmth within her chest, no tears, no inspirations, no image of her guardian spirit. I thought she quit to attend my course, surprisingly she continued to go into the second year. At the end of the class of the beginning of the second year, I could see some little progress on her because she approached me to say something. (To be continued to Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 3.)

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