Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 4.

Everyone practices meditation, but most of the people don’t know the essence of meditation because there are so many types of meditations so that depending on your purpose you try to particular one in the various occasions. However, Buddha defined as famous quote “Life is suffering”, the original purpose in the primitive buddhism era, which is the age of Shakyamuni Buddha preached teachings was different from them. The true purpose was to attain wisdoms to get rid of all suffering, sorrow, fear, ignorance out of the life, then emancipate from this earthly world by the state of mind “Nirvana”.

As I explained before I had hold the two-year course to attain this level of mind. One of the participants was a “rookie” started from scratch, and first year was nothing but boring for her. But at the beginning of the second year, she had had one of signs of spiritual awakening but it was too small as I described previous blog, a couple month later, she saw the bodies of her guardian spirits, that was an another good sign of spiritual developments on her.

Even so, I didn’t expected the next one. That was a strong determination of saying about her lifetime purpose in the middle of the discussion at the end of a class. Each year at beginning of this course, I always ask everyone “What is the purpose of your life?, Why are you here?, In the rest of the life, what will you do?” At that time, she answered “I don’t know about it. I will live as same as I have lived before.” However, this time she firmly claimed “My purpose of life is to give love to the people around me by conducting …….” We were astonished, because it was not only a quit wonderful statement but also it was exactly an another sign that she had opened her spiritual window more to connect to her original existence who knows about the original plan of her life. She got it by contacting it through the reflective meditations in the middle of a class.

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