Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 5.

Even there are several definitions of a guardian spirit, we define it as a some portions of your energy residing in the spirit realm. In other perspective it is our past life memory and incarceration existing in the other world as our self. So you can communicate with your guardian spirit through your heart with meditation or as intuition and inspiration in daily base. To attain this state of mind called as arhat state, your heart should be clear enough to be able to go deep inside you by the self-reflective meditation practice.

As I showed the story before about one of my students who had talked with her guardian spirit in the two year courses and was told her original life plan that she had scheduled before she was burn here from her guardian spirit. She confessed it in the discussion.

After that she could often see a being like “Kappa” which is a legendary creature so we assumed it was her guardian spirit with our laughing and joking. Anyway it was an another steps of her developing to be the way of arhat that is our aiming goal to fully communicate with our guardian spirit who gives us useful wisdom for solving our life’s issues and success for our business.

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