How To Recover from Depression With Spiritual Approach?

I have met many people who are depressed through my carrier including me who have had “プチうつ” (“small depression”) too. We are not a robot, we are spiritual beings who have emotions, feelings, hearts and souls so our thoughts and hearts are always affected by other people’s thoughts. Among those human thoughts, in my experience, pressure from other people was the most strongest element to cause depression in the people I know. They became depression by the pressures from a boss, supervisor, or sometimes deadline that is the date when you have to accomplish your job and study. Too much pressures from superiors or even yourself who felt pressure from the deadline bring depression especially if you are very serious person. Other people who I have met were depressed by the big impact like fear or threat once from other person. One person had been so depressed by the threat from the newspaper seller who imprinted so much fear on him by telling “if you don’t receive the newspaper I will kill you” in front of his house. Since then he had depressed for over ten years with feeling threads being killed by him.

Actually, it is not easy to cure these depressions, it takes time to recover from them, however I have seen many people who became better and completely recovered by some incidents and practices. One of the most powerful ones is a “Light”. It is hard to explain about it but one who felt the light, he or she was cured by its own power through our special prayers or seminars. The other one is practicing self-reflective meditations to cultivate and develop the mind and heart feeling also the light from the inside of you. Yet both cases trying to acquire the light, one is to get the light asking it from outside, another one is to feel the light from your inside with your own practice and force. “Light” is the very powerful spiritual power to exorcise the negative thoughts and evil spirits surrounding your mind and heart then cure the depression.

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