The Four Zen (Stage) Meditation

It is a meditation for communicating with your guardian spirit. Although each step has particular meaning and purpose, the final aim is to receive inspiration for casting away your problem in your life contacted from your guardian spirit. We often practice this mediation in the morning before the retreat in our facilities.


1) Meditation of Steam of River

This is the first stage that you allow yourself in a stream of a river to feel you are essentially a spiritual being. Once you are born here spending over many years in this material world, we all forget our true figure – spirit, leaving yourself to the flow of a river, you will attain one of the three Dharma seals (impermanence, non-self, and nirvana) – the impermanence of all things. Nothing stays same, everything in this world is transient.


2) Meditation of Wind and Cloud

Once you reminded the fact that you are an originally spiritual being in the first stage, next thing that we practice is to get rid of worldly desires originated from ‘The Six Origins” – Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body, and Consciousness. You image wind and clouds in this meditation and try to be them, while you are doing so, you are aware of your worldly desires created through the six origins sticking in your mind and heart. To become wind and clouds, try to get rid of all attachments within you. Also it is a meditation to feel the second seal of the three Dharma seals – the egoless of all phenomena.


3) Meditation of Moon

Now you could cut off all chains of attachments sticking in your mind and heart, you feel liberation, freedom so that you can fly up into the other world. Now you are free from this world completely with the perfect tranquility sitting and meditating to become a moon itself in the spirit world. A moon represents peace and satisfaction – nirvana, this is the third seal of the three Dharma seals.


4) Meditation of Conversation with your guardian spirit

(To be continued)


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