True Success

True success is to evolve our souls through each life. That is the reason why we are here on earth. We had had a wonderful life in the other world before we were born here, but since living up there for around two to three hundred years so we got bored such a beautiful and harmonizing life in the heaven. We thought it was a time to come down here to do other disciplines to elevate your soul and natures given by God or Buddha. In spite of such a fact we have setbacks, problems, unstable moment in the life, because these are designed by ourselves who try to develop their souls as spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, we all have forgotten our original life plan that we made schedule so that we all complain about those kind of sufferings, setbacks and burdens down pouring in our lives. That’s why it is said that there is no burden that we cannot carry, we all can solve these problems of life by our own power.

To know about the original intention what to do in this life, it is necessary to keep and hold the pureness of the mind called “arhat” through the spiritual training.

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Spiritual Growth

Those who want to make a spiritual growth and evolution of the soul should aim to become an arhat first. Arhat is the state of mind that your heart (‘心’)is so pure that you can communicate with your guardian spirit who is some portion of your energy resides in the other world. To attain that state of mind you need to practice self-reflection with studying truths about system of mind and heart. It is said that it takes a couple of weeks to be an arhat but maintaining it is very hard due to having shaking minds in a day. Once you had a negative mind, you lose arhat state immediately then you should try it again. However, if you could keep the unshakable mind at least for a couple of years then you are ‘certified’ as the completion of arhat, which you don’t lose it easily.

Self-reflection is a very key to become an arhat. It has power to cleanse your mind and heart. “Three thousand thoughts”: Zhiyi taught the principle of ‘Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought Moment’ (一念三千) , our thoughts and thinkings go around three hundred thirty degrees, any degrees in a single day, up and down also. Unless we cannot have an unshakable mind, you never get this kind of peaceful mind as an arhat. The negative minds – ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’: greed, anger, foolishness: creates darkness in your mind so that they cut off the communication line with your guardian spirits who are guiding and supporting you. Let’s always check our thought and thinking before we speak out, Let’s scan our mind and heart every hour every moment like a security software if there are virus, spams occupying within your mind or not. Let’s reflect our greedy, selfish, angry, and foolish mind before going to bed.

Planting negative seeds within your mind will cause the other bad fruits in your life,

First you sow a seed: the cause,

Next you water it: the condition,

Then it bears fruit: the result,

And you reap it: the reward,

Even we have ‘Three thousand thoughts’ every day, controlling them with self-reflective meditation, it brings us to possess a peaceful mind and happiness in our lives.


The Four Zen Meditation 2.

The fourth stage of The Four Zen Meditation

There are two parts in this stage.

  1. Conversation with your guardian spirit

The first section is communicating with your guardian spirit. Once you reached the state of mind Nirvana through three stages practiced before – Meditation of Stream of a River, Meditation of Wind and Cloud, The Meditation of Moon, you are ready to contact with your guardian spirit who is a part of your soul dwells in the heaven. Now your mind and heart is supposed to be pure enough to reach to yourself. If your mind and heart is filled with negative thoughts such as greed, anger, foolishness (complain), which these negative ones are called ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’ shields the connection between you and your guardian spirit. Your mind and heart should be very clear and calm and has to have serenity  and peace by self reflective meditation such as above three stages. If you don’t have this mind and heart sometimes it is dangerous. Your frequency of the mind and heart is not heading above, this means the hands of the mind and heart is not indicating 12 O’clock, chances are evil spirits possess you instead of being attracted by your guardian spirit. Also you have to choose a right place such as very quiet and a right time such as not very late night. Now you can talk to your guardian spirit. If you have problems simply ask them to your guardian spirit. Talking yourself. Then if your mind is pure enough, you will hear voices from inside of you. If you hear voices through your ears, that is not the one from your guardian spirit. Additionally, if you will feel warmth around your heart, it is a right sign instead you feel coldness. Try ask other questions, depend on a guardian spirit, usually he or she gives you harsh advices. Sweet ones are dangerous sometimes from evils. During conversation with your guardian spirit, try to be egoless, think other’s happiness. That makes you more secure.

    2. Receiving light from heaven

The second part is to receive light from heavenly world.

After a while conversation with your guardian spirit, now it is a time to receive light from heavenly world. You will feel peace, joy, and bliss. Sometimes tears flow from your eyes. I didn’t talk anything about posture and position of hands, in this fourth stage, it is appropriate to put your hands together.

Usually, we practice with guidance and some music. I will talk about it some time later.