Spiritual Growth

Those who want to make a spiritual growth and evolution of the soul should aim to become an arhat first. Arhat is the state of mind that your heart (‘心’)is so pure that you can communicate with your guardian spirit who is some portion of your energy resides in the other world. To attain that state of mind you need to practice self-reflection with studying truths about system of mind and heart. It is said that it takes a couple of weeks to be an arhat but maintaining it is very hard due to having shaking minds in a day. Once you had a negative mind, you lose arhat state immediately then you should try it again. However, if you could keep the unshakable mind at least for a couple of years then you are ‘certified’ as the completion of arhat, which you don’t lose it easily.

Self-reflection is a very key to become an arhat. It has power to cleanse your mind and heart. “Three thousand thoughts”: Zhiyi taught the principle of ‘Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought Moment’ (一念三千) , our thoughts and thinkings go around three hundred thirty degrees, any degrees in a single day, up and down also. Unless we cannot have an unshakable mind, you never get this kind of peaceful mind as an arhat. The negative minds – ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’: greed, anger, foolishness: creates darkness in your mind so that they cut off the communication line with your guardian spirits who are guiding and supporting you. Let’s always check our thought and thinking before we speak out, Let’s scan our mind and heart every hour every moment like a security software if there are virus, spams occupying within your mind or not. Let’s reflect our greedy, selfish, angry, and foolish mind before going to bed.

Planting negative seeds within your mind will cause the other bad fruits in your life,

First you sow a seed: the cause,

Next you water it: the condition,

Then it bears fruit: the result,

And you reap it: the reward,

Even we have ‘Three thousand thoughts’ every day, controlling them with self-reflective meditation, it brings us to possess a peaceful mind and happiness in our lives.


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