The Four Zen Meditation 2.

The fourth stage of The Four Zen Meditation

There are two parts in this stage.

  1. Conversation with your guardian spirit

The first section is communicating with your guardian spirit. Once you reached the state of mind Nirvana through three stages practiced before – Meditation of Stream of a River, Meditation of Wind and Cloud, The Meditation of Moon, you are ready to contact with your guardian spirit who is a part of your soul dwells in the heaven. Now your mind and heart is supposed to be pure enough to reach to yourself. If your mind and heart is filled with negative thoughts such as greed, anger, foolishness (complain), which these negative ones are called ‘The Three Poisons of Mind’ shields the connection between you and your guardian spirit. Your mind and heart should be very clear and calm and has to have serenity  and peace by self reflective meditation such as above three stages. If you don’t have this mind and heart sometimes it is dangerous. Your frequency of the mind and heart is not heading above, this means the hands of the mind and heart is not indicating 12 O’clock, chances are evil spirits possess you instead of being attracted by your guardian spirit. Also you have to choose a right place such as very quiet and a right time such as not very late night. Now you can talk to your guardian spirit. If you have problems simply ask them to your guardian spirit. Talking yourself. Then if your mind is pure enough, you will hear voices from inside of you. If you hear voices through your ears, that is not the one from your guardian spirit. Additionally, if you will feel warmth around your heart, it is a right sign instead you feel coldness. Try ask other questions, depend on a guardian spirit, usually he or she gives you harsh advices. Sweet ones are dangerous sometimes from evils. During conversation with your guardian spirit, try to be egoless, think other’s happiness. That makes you more secure.

    2. Receiving light from heaven

The second part is to receive light from heavenly world.

After a while conversation with your guardian spirit, now it is a time to receive light from heavenly world. You will feel peace, joy, and bliss. Sometimes tears flow from your eyes. I didn’t talk anything about posture and position of hands, in this fourth stage, it is appropriate to put your hands together.

Usually, we practice with guidance and some music. I will talk about it some time later.


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