True Success

True success is to evolve our souls through each life. That is the reason why we are here on earth. We had had a wonderful life in the other world before we were born here, but since living up there for around two to three hundred years so we got bored such a beautiful and harmonizing life in the heaven. We thought it was a time to come down here to do other disciplines to elevate your soul and natures given by God or Buddha. In spite of such a fact we have setbacks, problems, unstable moment in the life, because these are designed by ourselves who try to develop their souls as spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, we all have forgotten our original life plan that we made schedule so that we all complain about those kind of sufferings, setbacks and burdens down pouring in our lives. That’s why it is said that there is no burden that we cannot carry, we all can solve these problems of life by our own power.

To know about the original intention what to do in this life, it is necessary to keep and hold the pureness of the mind called “arhat” through the spiritual training.

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