Intuition and Inspiration

According the guy who published his book written about launching the insurance business at the age of sixty, he was often asked that why he could begin his business without hesitation, he answered “I followed my intuition, I trusted it and believe it.” Where did his intuition come from? He said, “It came from my brain that has accumulated a lot of knowledge from a large amount of reading compared with other people, my brain outputs the result instantly as an intuition.”

I understand what he said as the fact that our brain calculates based on the knowledge stored, it then gives some directions and advices. However, our intuition and inspiration come from inside of our mind and heart. It is called a subconscious which is our intelligent that has accumulated wisdoms into our soul in the spiritual world through many lives. All experiences from each life are stored in your soul as one of your guardian spirit. The life on earth is one of the incarnations of your soul. That is only a small portion of your energy dwells in the spirit world. Your soul consists of one core and six spirits. Each spirit lived on earth before it contains memory of its life. All six spirits share experience and memory just as six siblings, one big brother and five small brothers. These six spirits take turns life on earth in order to evolve the entire soul. Usually, the spirit who is born next becomes your guardian spirit who guides you and gives you the intuition and inspiration to the spirit living on earth now. In order to receive their guidance, you have to have pure mind that can connect to your guardian spirit.

Otherwise you are alone without appropriate guidance from ‘yourself’, the worst case is that you are ‘guided by evil spirits as your guardians. Self-reflection is the meditation that cleanse your mind and heart so that you have a route to communicate with your guardian spirit. Once you cleanse your mind by reflective meditation then practice meditation with your guardian spirit allow you to ask any questions about your problems of the life, he or she will give you answers. It is a benefit of meditation as an arhat practitioner.


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