The Fifth Dimension

Everyone die, no exception

Unfortunately, even you are reading this blog, you never exist in this world hundred years later from now. No exception of that. Everyone has to die, and leave this world. If you believe the life after death, you can still live as a soul in the spiritual world, as matter of fact, even you don’t believe it as an atheist, still you exist as a soul but you don’t recognize it that you had died already. Chances are you stay in this world as a ‘ghost’ or go down into the hell. Most of the case once your pulse of your heart stopped, usually after 24 hours the silver cord which is a spiritual thread connecting your head and spiritual body will be disconnected, that is traditionally a definition of death in Japan. That is why we have a “Otsuya” (the wake) and funeral in order to earn 24 hours before cremation. Before the disconnection of the silver code, if you were cremated you feel still a pain so that it disturbs your peaceful transition from this world to the fourth dimension.

Condition of Fifth Dimension

Fifth dimension is the realm that those who have a good mind and conscience come to this world. While you are living in this world you didn’t make any exploits, not high position, not high status, not rich, it doesn’t matter. Those who are very kind, honest, merciful, and good person deserve to be a resident in this dimension. Also, some leaders and politicians dwell in this realm.

Importance of Spirituality

The spiritual world is the realm that it just matters your thoughts and spirituality. No material things matter in the other world. Just pursuing happiness by acquiring earthy matters doesn’t guarantee happiness in the spiritual world. Living honestly, giving love and kind to others, these invisible elements are more important than material success in the spiritual realm. Pure heart, pure mind, cleanness, conscience, and honesty do a job in this realm. So, let’s try to attain those kinds of heart not only desire material achievements.


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