Karma And Reincarnation

Karma “業” is a common word nowadays as you can see a service “Credit Karma”. Karma is like a homework that you didn’t accomplish in the past lives so you brought it to this life. For example everyone marries with a wedding vows “I promise to be faithful to you until death do us part”, no one expects to divorce at that time, but soon or later around 50% of vows fail even there is an old tradition in Japan, “Your little finger and your spouse’s finger was connected with a red thread since you were born.” Actually karma is the tendencies of the mind that have been created while reincarnation. Tendencies, once they have formed, influencing your thoughts or actions bring not only troubles but also good fruits in their lives. Usually to resolve a bad karma, we bring it into this life aiming to accomplish it by correcting your tendencies. For example once you divorced you plan to marry with same person again in this life to try to improve your tendencies through accomplishing your marriage, unfortunately it fails again sometimes. However, life is not the only resolving karma, that is another part of the life. Mainly we try to evolve our souls through reincarnation.

If you see yourself as you are cursed or have a bad karma, try to form the good tendency of the soul by analysing your karma like what is the origin of this incident, what tendency caused this karma, once you find it, then improve it so that you can solve your bad karma.

In Theravada Buddhism, it is said that Buddha never reborn, because He has awakened and is not necessary to reborn to solve his karma anymore. However in Mahayana Buddhism He comes down on earth at his will to save all the people who have been suffering from their life problems by preaching new teachings adjusted in the age.

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How To Recover from Depression With Spiritual Approach?

I have met many people who are depressed through my carrier including me who have had “プチうつ” (“small depression”) too. We are not a robot, we are spiritual beings who have emotions, feelings, hearts and souls so our thoughts and hearts are always affected by other people’s thoughts. Among those human thoughts, in my experience, pressure from other people was the most strongest element to cause depression in the people I know. They became depression by the pressures from a boss, supervisor, or sometimes deadline that is the date when you have to accomplish your job and study. Too much pressures from superiors or even yourself who felt pressure from the deadline bring depression especially if you are very serious person. Other people who I have met were depressed by the big impact like fear or threat once from other person. One person had been so depressed by the threat from the newspaper seller who imprinted so much fear on him by telling “if you don’t receive the newspaper I will kill you” in front of his house. Since then he had depressed for over ten years with feeling threads being killed by him.

Actually, it is not easy to cure these depressions, it takes time to recover from them, however I have seen many people who became better and completely recovered by some incidents and practices. One of the most powerful ones is a “Light”. It is hard to explain about it but one who felt the light, he or she was cured by its own power through our special prayers or seminars. The other one is practicing self-reflective meditations to cultivate and develop the mind and heart feeling also the light from the inside of you. Yet both cases trying to acquire the light, one is to get the light asking it from outside, another one is to feel the light from your inside with your own practice and force. “Light” is the very powerful spiritual power to exorcise the negative thoughts and evil spirits surrounding your mind and heart then cure the depression.

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Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 5.

Even there are several definitions of a guardian spirit, we define it as a some portions of your energy residing in the spirit realm. In other perspective it is our past life memory and incarceration existing in the other world as our self. So you can communicate with your guardian spirit through your heart with meditation or as intuition and inspiration in daily base. To attain this state of mind called as arhat state, your heart should be clear enough to be able to go deep inside you by the self-reflective meditation practice.

As I showed the story before about one of my students who had talked with her guardian spirit in the two year courses and was told her original life plan that she had scheduled before she was burn here from her guardian spirit. She confessed it in the discussion.

After that she could often see a being like “Kappa” which is a legendary creature so we assumed it was her guardian spirit with our laughing and joking. Anyway it was an another steps of her developing to be the way of arhat that is our aiming goal to fully communicate with our guardian spirit who gives us useful wisdom for solving our life’s issues and success for our business.

How TO Avoid Spiritual Influences From Evil Spirits?

Most of the cases if we have a mental disorder or dark and heavy feelings, these are influenced by the evil spirits attracted by your negative thoughts called 六大煩悩 (rokudai bonnou) “The Six Primary Delusions” in Buddhism. They are Greed, Anger, Foolishness, Doubt, Proud, Evil Views. Most influential ones are called also 心の三毒 (kokoro no sandoku)  “Three Poisons of Mind”, such as greed, anger, foolishness. Including these elements, it is often said that we have hundred eight ”worldly desires” (煩悩) in Buddhism. Actually, 子煩悩 (kobonou) “Too much affection to your children” is one of them.

If you have greed, anger, or foolishness which is often appeared as your complaints, these negative thoughts invite evil spirits. It is often seen like this: if you want to be understood by someone, but he or she didn’t, then you make angry to him or her also complain. In this case if you cannot refresh your mind, darkness occupies in your heart. This negative darkness attracts evil spirits.

There is a law called 波長同通の法則 “The law that same wavelength attracts someone – like attracts like”. Your negative thoughts attract evil spirits possessing negativeness.

There are couple of ways to cease this situation. The most powerful one is to practice 反省 (hansei) “reflection” that has a physical force to get rid of evil spirits. It can be practiced just sit and relax for a while, then remember the situation that you caused darkness in your mind, reflecting one by one, correct its wrong thought and deed if you found and decide not to do it again. Rather than this simple prictice there is a sysmatic way to correct your thoughts and deeds such as “The Eightfold Path” looking yourself through eight steps for harmonizing your mind and heart. Let me talk about it some other time.

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Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 4.

Everyone practices meditation, but most of the people don’t know the essence of meditation because there are so many types of meditations so that depending on your purpose you try to particular one in the various occasions. However, Buddha defined as famous quote “Life is suffering”, the original purpose in the primitive buddhism era, which is the age of Shakyamuni Buddha preached teachings was different from them. The true purpose was to attain wisdoms to get rid of all suffering, sorrow, fear, ignorance out of the life, then emancipate from this earthly world by the state of mind “Nirvana”.

As I explained before I had hold the two-year course to attain this level of mind. One of the participants was a “rookie” started from scratch, and first year was nothing but boring for her. But at the beginning of the second year, she had had one of signs of spiritual awakening but it was too small as I described previous blog, a couple month later, she saw the bodies of her guardian spirits, that was an another good sign of spiritual developments on her.

Even so, I didn’t expected the next one. That was a strong determination of saying about her lifetime purpose in the middle of the discussion at the end of a class. Each year at beginning of this course, I always ask everyone “What is the purpose of your life?, Why are you here?, In the rest of the life, what will you do?” At that time, she answered “I don’t know about it. I will live as same as I have lived before.” However, this time she firmly claimed “My purpose of life is to give love to the people around me by conducting …….” We were astonished, because it was not only a quit wonderful statement but also it was exactly an another sign that she had opened her spiritual window more to connect to her original existence who knows about the original plan of her life. She got it by contacting it through the reflective meditations in the middle of a class.

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Sin & Forgiveness

“Sin and Forgiveness” is a big theme for humankind in the religions especially Christianity. In Buddhism, 浄土真宗(Jodo Shinshu) founded by Shinran in the Heian period is one of the sects of Buddhism is similar to Christianity in terms of placing an importance on pray to Buddha (God) to ask for forgiveness rather than practicing hard disciplines comparing to other Buddhist sects like Soto shu.

In the noble “出家とその弟子”(Master and Disciples) written by Sanzo Okakura, Shiran talks about sin and forgiveness in the scene that one of his dear disciples, 唯円(Yuien) had committed a religious crime that he had a relationship with かえで(Kaede) who is a prostitute . Knowing this sin three older disciples had accused Yuien, saying the oldest one “if you don’t abandon a relationship with her, I will leave from the temple”, but Yuen didn’t obey his order.

After leaving from Yuien they asked Shinran a judgement on him. Shinran showed his mercy to Yuien because he had same scene before explaining like “There is no one who has never committed crimes before, we all are sinners cannot judge others, only Buddha(God) can judge. Also saying to Yuien “Don’t commit it too much, whether you can be allowed to marry with her or not, it depends on Buddha’s favor. Pray to Buddha by correcting your desire going with his will.”

This is very much Jodo Shinshu way, but not like other sects, which more insisting on attaining wisdoms to resolve this kind of lifetime problems, but Shinran’s persuasion and his wisdom that settled conflicts between two opposite opinions and emotions is something that very impressed.

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Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 3.

That classes were held for 2 hours every Friday for 2 years designed as a “Senior Plan” to find out the mission of the life in order to fulfill one at the rest of the life by encountering true-self which knows an original life plan scheduled before descending on the ground through practicing “self-reflection” to be able to cleanse darkness of the mind and heart so that we can communicate with the true-self. That state of mind is called “Arhat” (阿羅漢) including two levels. One is 阿羅漢向(the process to be arhat), another one is 阿羅漢果(the achievement of arhat) . It is also said that to become arhat completely takes two to three years actually.

One of the students who participated in the class above had had nothing on spiritual phenomenon in the first year. She had been just sitting with a boring face, sometimes she was sleeping, so I was wondering that she would not attend the second year, but fortunately she wouldn’t.

At the end of the class in the beginning of the second year, we had a little bliss because she approached me and said “I had a tear in my eyes after we had recite the sutra”. It was so little event for her but it was so big for me.

Two month later, she came to me again and said “Today, I saw the lower bodies of people in front of me in the meditation of conversation with our guardian spirits”. That was an anonter good sign to be arhat for her while other students were getting spiritual phenomenons such as automatic writing, visions, and inspirations. (To be continued)

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Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 2.

I have conducted and just finished the two-years session that is a “Self-Reflective” seminar to look back the whole life divided each ages such as from the age when you were born to five year old then from five to ten year old and so on up to your age with some specific perspective to remember not only your deeds but also what you thought in that age and in that era especially if you have still negative thoughts on your parents, siblings, friends, and others. It is like a regression therapy, once you found reasons why you had been harmed by your parent or some others, you can be healed by remembering and finding reasons and facts that you had been harmed. Actually, this class is not only designed as a mental healing course but mainly to find true-self through “self-reflective” meditations, we could see so many miracles happended through this course, even main purpose of seminar is to communicate with your own essential figure residing in the other dimension by cleasing “心” (kokoro) through practicing self-reflective meditation.

One of the participants who had not had this kind of sessions before, in addition she was not spiritual at all. She could sense any intuitions, inspirations also never feel invisible existences such as angels, guardian spirit who is a part of you as I described above, who is an essential figure of you dwelling in the spirit realm.

In the first year she had no spiritual progress that she hadn’t had any spiritual fenomeno like warmth within her chest, no tears, no inspirations, no image of her guardian spirit. I thought she quit to attend my course, surprisingly she continued to go into the second year. At the end of the class of the beginning of the second year, I could see some little progress on her because she approached me to say something. (To be continued to Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 3.)

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Why Do We Need To Practice Meditation? 1.

For many years, Mr. Bill Gates had gone into seclusion for a couple of week “Think Weeks” in the beginning of a year. He rejected to be contacted from friends, family and employees during his retreat. Mr. Steve Jobs had met every day with Otogawa who is a Zen monk succeeding the philosophy of Daisetsu Suzuki, master of Zen buddhism. Even Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, who at one time had Atheist on his Facebook profile now he has has reclaimed his Jewish upbringing married with Chinese Buddhist. So he might pray and meditate.

According the Huffpost, here are 10 influential business leaders who say meditation has helped them achieve (and sustain) a high level of success. 1. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, News Corp, 2. Padmasree Warrior, CTO, Cisco Systems, 3. Tony Schwartz, Founder & CEO, The Energy Project, 4. Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company, 5. Oprah Winfrey, Chairwoman & CEO, Harpo Productions, Inc., 6. Larry Brilliant, CEO, Skoll Global Threats Fund, 7. Ray Dalio, Founder & Co-CIO, Bridgewater Associates USA, 8. Russell Simmons, Co-Founder, Def Jam Records; Founder of GlobalGrind.com, 9. Robert Stiller, CEO, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., 10. Arianna Huffington, President & Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group.

Why do we need to practice meditation? There are several reasons why we need to do it, one of most important reasons is an inner conversation with your wisdom source that has been established for many lives. You have an own inner wisdom-bank that gives you resourceful powers through training of several steps of cleansing your mind and heart first. Once you reached the state of mind called “arhat” that means you mind is pure enough to receive inner light and inspirations from your guardian spirits who hold inner wisdom but also are part of your existence in the other realm. If you practice more then you can reach to the higher existence that is called guardian spirit which gives more specific guidance and wisdom.

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Two Purposes

In the “War and Peace” by Tolstoy, “As the sun and each atom of ether is a sphere complete in itself, and yet at the same time only a part of a whole too immense for man to comprehend, so each individual has within himself his own aims and yet has them to serve a general purpose incomprehensible to man.” We are individuals who have proprietary purposes in each lives but also the members of the universe so we have to serve for the evolution of the universe. Your evolution of the soul is able to contribute the evolution of the universe itself, in addition of it, aiming to give our life to others, the society, country, and world should be considered. To fullfil them we execute a practice to become an “Arhat”.