Keep Your Health By The Right Mind

Most of the illness and sickness are originated from our mind. There is an astral body which is a same size as a physical body, it is located just under the body. Our mind affects to the astral body. Since an astral body adjacent a physical body, our mind influences the physical body. For instance, if we have negative thoughts, they damage the astral body, then its damage penetrates into physical body. This happens organs, too. Organs are also affected by the thoughts of you. They are very related with your condition of mind because organs have consciousness. Each organ has individual consciousness. Usually they are harmonized each other. However, if your mind is get disturbed by some incidents, it creates disturbances inside of your body, then it causes illness at the week area. Your dark and negative thoughts creates dark clouds around organs so that some of weakened organs are affected by that negative energy.

Relieve stress

Stress makes disharmony around organs and creates evil energy inside your body. This influences organs. Modern age and society is so stressful. If you don’t know how to handle the stress, you cannot survive in this complicated world. Drinking, shopping, and long telephoning are not ultimate solutions. To fundamentally solve that problem, you need to rectify your mind and thoughts. It is good to practice the eightfold path: right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right will and right meditation. This is the end path of 四諦Four satya (苦Suffering・集its cause・滅its extinction・道path). Four Satya consists of Surring, its cause. Its extinction, and path(the eightfold path) the suffering is the four pains: birth, aging, illness and death, the cause is finding the origin of suffering, the extinction is to try to extinguish those pains, by the path which is the  eightfold path.


Real Death

The law of organ transplant has been enacted in 1997 in Japan. That law has been amended in 2010 that those who died didn’t decide an organ transplant, if his or her family admit, transplant organs is able to be allowed. Although such an amendment was enforced, still an organ transplant is much less popular than western countries due to the idea and custom that our death is not a brain death has been prevailed in our subconscious. I remember that when I come to U.S. as a student, taking a driver license test, I was asked to check the box showing “Do you donate your organs”.  Even I have no idea about it, I didn’t check it because I had some unfamiliar feeling on the organ transplant in my mind.

When is a real death?

We cremate, that is our custom. Before we execute it, we hold a dead body at least 24 hours, usually longer. It became a custom because we know what a real death of human is unconsciously. When is the death in religious views? There are many definitions depending on religions, I would say that the real death is the time when the silver code was disconnected. The silver code is a thread connecting between a physical body and an astral body. Plato described an existence of the silver code so an ancient people know about a silver code. It is usually discounted twenty four hours after the heart stopped. During the time still a silver code is connected, we feel still pains. At that period if you are taken organs, you feel so pain. That pain bothers you to transcend to the other world as a spirit smoothly. Unconsciously we still know that fact, that’s why we refuse an organ transplant. This feeling comes from the buddhism idea that “a body and spirit are related each other (色心不二). Also each organ has a consciousness so that it causes unmatch problems between the donated organ and the transplanted body. Those consciousness conflict each other. If you want to donate your organs it is a nice deed for those who need them if you know this fact. However, if you don’t know this, you may have a trouble to go to the next world. In addition this, those who transplanted the organ will possess on the person who are transferred your organ. We should be aware of this.


Ninth Dimension

Ninth dimension is the highest dimension in this terrestrial, earth. The souls of great prophets and leaders are a resident of this dimension. They are Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Confucius …the most enlightened human souls are around in the ninth dimension. It is the highest dimension that human consciousness are still existing. Beyond this dimension, no more human characteristic spirits are around. The tenth dimension is a conscious realm that no human forms and human consciousness exist, only the Sun consciousness, earth consciousness, and moon consciousness there. The spirit world is a realm of consciousnesses, no physical forms and materials exist.

After you die, only energy with consciousness still exists. That still remains as spirit. Since this world is a material world so such a spirit with consciousness transcends to spiritual world. That is a world for spirit after die then will reside in the dimension which is suitable for you. That means it depends on what you thought and what you did in this third dimensional world. The more you enlightened, the higher dimension you go to. After all our energy and will and thoughts remain even we die. That is a life after death, God gave us an eternal life. However, those who had lived by covetousness, evil thoughts and deeds attune to the dark world in order to reflect and repent their sins.

Spirit world is hierarchical world so that those who have same frequency and enlightenment of souls dwell in the same realm. It is an easy and nice world because same thinking people are around you, those who you like are around you, those who you don’t like are not around you. It’s very nice!


Buddha Nature

There is a term “自然法爾” (Shizen Houni). It means we possess innate worth naturally. This worthy thing is called “仏性” (Buddha nature). All plants and animals, flora and fauna possess inborn worth inside of them. It has potential that become like a diamond. That means we all can become a buddha (a buddha is a person who enlightened) because we have a buddha nature that is a core of our spirit and soul within. However, it doesn’t means that everyone can become a buddha if you don’t do discipline and polish a diamond otherwise it stays as a coal. We are equally given such a precious potential, because we are so worthy as children of God, but it is necessary to do discipline for making it as a diamond.

一切衆生悉有仏性 vs. 一切衆生悉皆成仏

一切衆生悉有仏性 (issai syujjou shitsuu bussho) is that all living things have the possibility of becoming a buddha who is a enlightened person although still there is an idea of 断善根 (danzenkon) means that someone doesn’t have a buddha nature and disconnected with Buddha so he or she cannot become a buddha. 一切衆生悉皆成仏 (issai shujou shikkai joubutsu) means everyone can become a buddha. This is true, we all have a possibility to become a buddha because we all have a buddha nature. However, it doesn’t mean that we all become a buddha without discipline or just after we die. In some sect of Buddhism, we say “he became a buddha” at funeral. But it is not easy. To become a buddha requires so much efforts throughout so many reincarnation. There are so many steps for that path.

This idea that we all possess Buddha nature requires to make us efforts to shine it throughout so many lives. It is very different from idea that if you believe in God you will be saved.


Any Color You Like

“Any color you like” in the “The Dark Side Of The Moon” doesn’t have lyrics, illustrating many colors by just instrumental.

Sunlight is one color. But its reflection through a prism makes a rainbow. One source but many colors. There are so many religions, however, originated from the one source. Why do they different from others? It’s because ages and places where each religion was established was different from others. Teachings, rituals, custom are not the same because they are adjusted to those ages and places. All religions are preached for happiness of the people who lived there at that age.

One source, One God, but many gods.

All religions are originated from one source but we call it in a different names, Elohim, Buddha, Father, Allah. So why do we flight and killing each other? It’s ridiculous because we worship the same existence, same God. In this planet earth there is the supreme being that you may call God or Father or Allah in different religions, but it is same.

Also there are gods or you may call them angeles or bodhisattvas depending on religions. They also work for happiness of human beings. They are like colors made by a prism. Different colors so that they are not almighty like God, however, they work for people’s happiness using their strong points. It is like a school, one principal but many teachers for students.

Any colors represent elements of characters of God. Yellow is the color of teachings, white is the color of love, blue is the color of wisdom, red is the color of justice, purple is the the color of reverence, green is the color of harmony, silver is the color of science. One source but many colors. We understand each other!!


Mahāyāna vs. Hīnayāna (Discipline is so hard!)

Once upon a time an old lady had supported a monk by providing foods and a place to live for twenty years. One day she wondered if he had progressed and already gotten enlightenment, she tested him. She sent the most beautiful young woman to his cottage, saw what he would behave. At that time he was meditating but the young woman leaned against him and said “How do you feel?” He had never changed his face and answered “It seems as if the dead tree reached a cold rock.” The young woman suddenly returned to the old woman and reported the scene. Unexpectedly the old woman got extremely angry on him, she had kicked out him from her cottage mumbling “I was wrong, I misunderstood about him”. This story is called “婆子焼庵” written in the Zen book “五燈会元”.

What do you think? Why did the old woman get so angry against him? What’s wrong with him? As my understanding, he did right thing, didn’t he? This “koan” is related with idea of 大乗思想 (A large vehicle (Mahāyāna Buddhism). 小乗仏教 (Hīnayāna) is a lesser vehicle Buddhism that seeks an individual enlightenment trying to attain arhat state of mind. It is more like original type of traditional Buddhism that mainly has spread throughout the South Asia. Contrary Mahāyāna Buddhism is a Buddhism that aim to save all the people by Buddha’s teachings and has spread throughout China, Korea, ended up in Japan.

The monk’s attitude was not like a human. It was just test but if it was the real situation, the young woman would be so disappointed, the worst case she would kill herself. Even with the same way of refusing, he could do smiling innocently while saying to the woman “Even if you love me, how can I love you, I cannot receive your love because I am a servant of the Buddha. Why don’t you go home” removing quietly her hand hung on his shoulder. After twenty years of practicing, he could not afford such an affair. There was still somewhere weak in his heart that he must work hard so that he could not defeat the temptation, That’s the old woman thought. What do you think?


The Great Ocean Meditation

There are so many types of meditations. This great ocean meditation combines some of these types of meditation. The first stage is that you are floating up ten feet above the surface of the center of the great Pacific Ocean. Now you can see the sun is setting on the horizon. You will so relax from the busy and complex daily life in this stage. No one bothers you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so you will release your stress from your heart by watching sunset. After a little while you will be surrounded by darkness but stars are twinkling in the sky. Now you are flying up to the sky. You see a moon shining. So now you are going to approach to the moon. Then you sit on the surface of the moon. You can see the blue planet that is our planet, earth. You feel extraordinary feeling beyond earth sitting on the moon. It is absolutely out of our dimension so that it reminds us our essential figure that is a spiritual being. After you see the earth for a while then coming back to earth again. Now you can see the high mountain. So you will approach the top of the mountain. Sitting in lotus style then you become a golden statue of Buddha while you see people below you. You see tiny people there. As a Buddha during you are watching people below you, you feel your mission that you have to save them. So many people are in the middle of suffering, you feel their pains and distress so you will save them. That is true and essential figure of you.



Is life once or many? It depends on what kind of idea you believe. In buddhism also depends on some sect, but usually we believe in reincarnation. Life after life, it continues eternally until you become a Buddha. We are all on the way to be a Buddha by evolving our souls throughout so many lives. Usually we stay here 60 – 80 years, but length of stay in the other world is usually longer than ones we stay in this world. Although there is no time in the other world, if it is equivalent to this world time, it is averagely 200 – 400 years, however, the modern world is much more existing so that it seems shorter than before. Our essential world is the other world and this life is just temporary to do discipline in order to grow as a spiritual being by having your life plan that designs what kind of evolution you will do through its life. There are no lives that don’t have problems and setbacks because these are the events that you had scheduled in order to your soul training. Since these were programmed by you there are nothing that you cannot overcome. If you could overcome each of them you can grow each time. It takes so long to grow by having experiences in each life. We all have a 仏性 (Buddha nature) that is our essence inherited from our Father. So we have a same nature as our Father possesses, but these are not as much as matured yet as our Father has. We are on the way to a buddha, still so many steps to go, That is why we have to have so many chances as lives to develop these natures.

Different age, different area, different sex

The next time when you are born is a different age and different place, even different sex maybe. If you are an artist if you are born so much time as a male, it causes some problems on your works so you choose a sex each time also a physical father and mother for your art works. Usually you don’t choose sports athletes.

Guardian spirit and brother souls

Our spirit group consists of one core soul and five brother souls. Each time after you die you share your experiences with your brother souls in the other world. And each time when you are born you have a guardian spirit who has just returned from this world in order to support your life for not to lose your life. Each brother soul has life memory and personality when you were in this world. That means you have six life memories in your spirit group. Once you have returned from this world you become your guardian spirit then the one guided by your guardian spirit will become a guardian spirit next. This is a secret of the reincarnation.


The Eightfold Path – Right Action

So many thoughts pop up in our mind a day. Its number are 50,000 to 70,000. Number of our action is also so many per day. Actions are retrieved from our thoughts. Good thoughts invite good actions, bad thoughts invite bad actions so we have to think rightly. Actually our actions are derived from our views. For example, if you see a person in front of you is evil, you think he is disgusting so you behave badly to him. In this mean, if you want correct your actions we have to look back our thoughts first. That is why order is very important for eightfold path. Also when you reflect yourself on actions, you reflect why I did such a stupid thing, then you find how I thought it, and how I see it. Reflect backwards. Your view, thought and action are very connected and related. So when you reflect your actions, always reflect your thoughts and views. That is necessary for correcting actions otherwise you are not doing reflection of right view.

The laws of cause and effect

Buddha discovered 因果の理法( The law of cause and effect).  Everything in this world is ruled in this law. That is why Buddhist disciples are so restricted that they are always requested to sow a good seed for a good action. Everything is connected and will make an another result. Once you sow a seed it flourishes then make an another cause then it becomes an another result. All things are related and they affect each other throughout past, present, future (三世因果)

Looking everything by cause and effect

Right action is a reflection that we see everything is connected so that once we found an evil deed, we look back what triggered your action then correct it, also try to get rid of an another bad result in the future. For example if you drunk too much, in that case you look back what caused this action. Then you found that it was too much stress from your job, once you realized the cause, try to get rid of such an original reason.

異熟 (Wrong result)

Everything is connected and related. Therefore if you make efforts, it will bring good result. That is the law of cause and effect. However, life is not so simple. If you study so diligently, you sometimes fail an examination. Or bad people flourish and good people not. It is called 異熟 (ijyuku). This three dimensional world is filled with injustice and contradiction. So sometimes the law of cause and effect seems not to work straightly. However, beyond this world everything is so logical. The cause cans effect is completely true beyond this world throughout the other world. Good action brings a good result! That is a truth!


The Eightfold Path – Right Speech

The third step of the eightfold path is right speech. Reflecting the four guidelines: false speech, abusive words, deceit and flattery. First of all we have to check whether we are speaking lies or not. I always keep myself not lying and not making an exaggeration. It is very crucial that you make false claims especially your enlightenment. Next check if you speak ill of others and be deceitful. We intend to speak ill of others but have to hold yourself before saying it. Once you expressed such words, it will make a job and you will have counter reactions. So be careful not to make an another bad karma. Before you dispatch your words hold yourself a moment to check what you will say before causing a big trouble. Third one is to avoid too much flattering. It may be acceptable if it is greeting but if you want to control others or to pretend too nice, flattering is not acceptable. Fourthly, encourage yourself by using positive words. To create utopia society we have to fight against evils and to proselytize.

Right speech is not weak speech rather we have to use always positive, conservative, and bright words. It is not only sake of others but also it is for yourself because you are always listening your words through your ears, so positive words make you positive, negative words make you negative. That brings goodness or badness depending on how you speak. In order to speak rightly we always back to original point that is right view then right thought because your views create your thoughts, your thoughts prepare what you want to say. If you don’t say anything just make a smile. It brings happiness and joy into your life. View and thought are not physical matter, however words have power to make something in this world physically. So we have to be careful.