The Six Dimension

The Realm of Buddha’s Truth

Anyone who are interested in learning truths which is Buddha’s teachings can enter this realm. You believe and place an importance on studying and evolving your soul also are residents of this ‘Komyo’ (bright light) realm. Usually, people who are religious but also dedicated to do disciplines and always aim high to improve yourself can be ready to go up this dimension. However, you learn a lot, but don’t have a faith in invisible things like God or the world after death are not deserved to live in this realm. It is not necessary  to be a monk or nun, fathe or sister, those who are religious and learner about truths and spiritual world are deserve to be around there.

菩提心 “Aspiration for Bhddahood”

The first goal of those who are aiming enlightenment

is to attain an arhat state by Buddhist disciplines. Reflective meditation is one of very efficient ways to reach that state with learning truths and laws of causality. Bodai Shin (菩提心) “Aspiration for Bhddahood”, which is a mind that you always try to elevate yourself and want to grow is a center of this realm.

The Arhat Realm

The highest realm in the six dimension is an arhat realm. It’s for those who have already attained enlightenment of arhat which is a state mind that your heart is so pure and clear that you can communicate with your guardian spirit who are a part of you but resides in the other world. Once you have attained this level you can be a resident of the highest in the six dimension.


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