The Flower Festival – April 8th

April 8th is the day Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Nepal, (actually he was born there, not in India). Thereby this is a day we have a “Flower Festival”. This is a festival celebrating the birth of Buddha, who was born in Nepal about 2600 years ago, and giving our thanks to Buddha for our good health and no misfortune with our sincere gratitude.

His precious teachings have been spread to all over the world and made a great impact also in Japan and his teachings have been handed down to generation to generation until now.

We Japanese disciples of Buddha sincerely appreciate everyone in Nepal who has kept the lamps of the teachings for the past 2600 years.

There is a “Nepal Shakyamuni Buddha hall” is in Japan located in Utusnomiya city. That is the only genuine Nepalese temple in Japan. This is the facility that has been reconstructed from the oldest temple and a cultural heritage “Harati Mata” temple exhibited in the expo “Love and Earth” in the year 2005 then it has been moved to that place.

This year too, the flower festival will be held in that hall. This festival is not only celebrate the birthday of Buddha but also to give our thoughts of support for the major earthquake happened three years ago in Nepal into our prayers.

Celebrating the birthday of Buddha in this festival, also through this opportunity we would also like to deepen our relationships between Nepal and Japan.


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