Awaken to the Truth

There are so many truths in this world. So many ideas and a variety of thinkings are around. We have to know it and accept different opinions, too. That attitude brings us harmony and diverts conflicts among people also religions. So what is truth? All religions wish for the happiness of all the people on earth. However, age and area are different for those religions. Each religion has established in different age and different place. That’s why religions conflict each other. However, the essence of religions are all same. They are preached all for happiness of humankind. We should not pay attention to differences, rather we should see the common area and basic idea for happiness of humankind. Small things, small precepts, small customs, small methods are not essential, we can avoid them. Giving love, gratitude, generosity, appreciation so on. These are essential teachings for all established religions. Religions are not evil, they are all human happiness. We see the differences, that’s why we fight each other.

How can you get truth?

First, accept the differences, but same time accept common area, common things. As I mentioned before reason why it is different from others because age and area is not same. Finding out the same things and get rid of different things is the way to get truths.

How can I manifest it?

Once we find truths in the different teachings and different religions let’s practice them. Abandon differences and find out similarities, then abandon hatred and love each other!!


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