Satisfy What We Have

It is very matter that to satisfy what we have already instead of complaining what we don’t have. Additionally It is very important to appreciate others and do return something for others. That attitude is very necessary for humankind. We all were born without having anything. Since then we have accumulated so many thing. The more you obtain the more you lose freedom because you have to protect what we obtained. Sometimes we have to remember this fact.


Animals have instinct. It is to protect themselves from enemies. Also reproduce their species. We all human beings are one of animal so we have same instinct that to protect our life and produce descendants. However, we are just not only animals, we are more progressive. We think, we create, and we cooperate. We just survive to live rather we live for more. Adding something for evolution of universe is the one. Our lives, our experiences, our wisdom and enlightenment evolve the universe. Each one of progress gives evolution to the universe. Therefore, we appreciate what we have, and let us continue to make efforts to evolve ourselves. Material possessions are matter for our happiness, but if you seek it too much, you will have rather pains. Living in the middle way is one of Buddhist style. This world is just temporary for the soul. We are residents of the real world which is a spiritual world. Everything is transient, nothing stays same. We are all spiritual being essentially. We just came here for our soul training for evolution. Changing perspective of life is necessary for living real and true life. Satisfy what we have and appreciate it and others, that is first thing to do to be spiritual.