“Bonji Tettei” (凡事徹底).

Daily routine is very necessary for those who seek a special path to be a professional. Even if you have already reached such a level, still you need daily practice. It is called “Bonji Tettei”(凡事徹底).

There is a story written by a German writer about a Japanese master of arrow. He was too excellent so he explained how to shot arrows, German writer couldn’t understand the meaning of what he was taught. It was actually the master said “you have to aim the target by using “心の目” (spiritual eyes)”. One night he invited the writer to his dojo to demonstrate what he said. There was a only one candle placed in the dojo so the target was unable to see. Soon or later he shot arrows one by one, all of them were hit center of target. It is not hardly imagine that it took so many years to reach this level, however not only that. He had still accumulated his disciples day by day by doing a simple routine everyday.

This reminds us Ichiro, who is a Japanese baseball player who is still an active player at his age forty-five this year in Seattle Mariners. He is also very stoic. He does do same thing every day so that players know a time by his routine training.


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