April 8th

Today was special day for Buddhist. It is a Christmas day of Buddhist. April 8th, Shakyamuni Buddha was born in LUMBINI. It is a very sacred place. I attended “The Flower Festival”, which is a ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. In that festival, I learned the follows: “There are different thoughts about the birth of Buddha: Buddhist tradition that celebrate on 8 April and placed his birth in the 11th century B.C.  and it was not until the modern era that scholars determined that he was more likely born in the six century B.C. and possibly in May rather than April. In Nepal celebration is on the full moon of May. This regards as festival in Nepal and known by various names; Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima, Baisakh Purnima.

Quit before the arrival of Buddhism in Japan, Emperor Ashoka of India visited Nepal and went Lumbini in BC245  and raised Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini to mark his visit.

Lumbini is duly registered World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Late prof. Kenzo Tange, prepared the master plan for the development and conservation of Lumbini.

It seems to have made four trip to Nepal within a period of fourteen years from 1899 to 1913. Kawaguchi visited various places in Nepal including Lumbini. His visit followed by the travels to Nepal by many Buddhist scholars and professors from Japan.

Japan has played a key role in Nepal‘s socio-economic development as one of the topmost partners in our development endeavors. It has extended substantial economic and technical cooperation in various fields like Hydro-power, Agriculture, Road infrastructure, food assistances, Chemical fertilizer, Education, Health, Human resources development, environment protection communication etc. Formal diplomatic relations between Nepal and Japan were established on September 1, 1956.”

April 8th is also my father’s birthday, but he pastway two years ago. So I celebrate my father’s and Buddha’s birthday!


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