At Beginning, There was Will of God

At beginning, there was a God’s will to make this universe. He had his though like that at first. Then materialization begins with his thought, which then will develop into reality. In the Christianity, it says “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God.” New Testimony – John 1:1. The most important thing in God’s invention is to create things through creation and create the world. This is the first and most wonderful invention by God. God’s thought has manifested into reality through “a Big ban”. God has created the universe at his will, by his thought.

The creative Power

We are children of God so we are inherited same tendencies and same power but these are much smaller than ones HE has, still we have a power to create, create anything we want by thought as same as God created this universe. Of course we cannot create a universe, but we can create depending on the power of will.

Sow a seed

Only tiny seed can grow to be a huge tree or a fruitful flower that has so many seeds to reproduce descendants of it was sowed in the appropriate conditions. This cycle goes unlimitedly. A seed is a thought. If we sow a thought into a subconscious and give it water, fertilizer, and light, it will grow. A good seed yields good fruits, bad seed yields bad fruits. This results become a next seed. Then it causes the next. This is a system of karma. Anyway we are allowed to have productive power. That is a freedom of our will that is allowed from our Father. It is a kingdom of our mind that nobody can disturb even we were in custody. So let’s have a dream as our seed, then water it and produce good fruits!!


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