Making Success With The Power Of Mind

Use your power of mind

What is the core concept of New Age? Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, “Secret” these are teaching us how to make success by using the power of mind, not by skills or physical technic. Using the power of thinking or mind. God gave us the freedom of think, freedom of creation. We are allowed to create anything by our own power of thought because God created us by his will. So first of all we have to know that we can create anything by using power of thought that HE gave us as our gift, but no one learn this idea and methods in schools unless some teacher will explain with his interest. So most of us usually don’t know it if you learn from others or yourself.

How can we do it?

There are so many books and learning materials talk about how to succeed by the power of mind everywhere now, so you can learn from them. However, simply saying, it is that to sow a seed into your mind, and nurture it by giving water like  a growing plants. Sow a seed means having a concrete, specific goal, dream or image clearly. The more clearly you image your succeed figure, the more clearly it will be manifested. Once you made your vision of success, then it is necessary to continue to hold the image until realized. Also holding the successful image in our subconscious it requires to make efforts day by day. Some says just visualize your successful image vividly without making efforts, it will come to you. Maybe true. The most important thing is to sow a seed into your subconscious by visualizing the image of success. This is a start point of using the power of mind.



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