Kigan (Prayer)

What is Kigan?

Kigan is a prayer asking some supports from heaven. Although Kigan’s purpose is as same as Christian’s prayer, but style of it is different than Christian’s one. Kigan has some ritual procedures to send our gratitude first then beg God to be heard our wishes and ask supports. There are so many types of Kigan, each type has individual name like 家内安全 “Prayer for safety at home” or 病気平癒祈願 “Prayer for recovery from illness”. And each Kigan has some different processes, recite different words and use different tools usually.

How does it work?

Since kigan is a prayer to ask help or support by sending our wishes to God, we have to be humble. Also our wish should be pure and not disturbing others. We have to face Him with cleansing our mind and heart first. Otherwise it will not be heard and discarded from Him. God is our father so that He take care of us like our parents care their children. He wants to hear his children’s wishes but if they are not good for them or not along with God’s desire, our wishes are not accepted and not be manifested. Most beautiful prayer is to pray others, other happiness and prosperity.

What is benefit?

Prayer is an act of faith in God. Without faith in Him we don’t pray, we don’t ask to conduct a kigan. In some religious group there are monthly Kigan’s. Since prayer is an act of faith so that continuing Kigan every month makes your faith stronger and deeper. Prayer is asking a help or power from God but also it is discipline of self-power to make your faith stronger. If your wishes are appropriate, they will be answered. Most beneficial one of kigan is to be oneness with God so that we will have an extreme power guided by Him, also with Him we can awaken our a true power hidden in ourselves, through kigan we have an absolute confidence coming from deep inside of us.


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