Koan (公案)

Koan (公案) is one of the types of meditation and contemplation that gives us words or sentences to think deeply and get wisdom through its process. For example if the koan words is “What is mercy?, then you think and contemplate these words deeply, and get an answer as the result of your contemplation. However, koan is not just words or sentences, these are the catalyst or pipeline to connect to the heavenly world. So if you contemplate deeply through koan the wave of your mind will attune to heavenly world so that you will connect to the light source then not only receive the light but also you will become oneness of Buddha. Your wisdom comes from there through this contemplation. The deeper you contemplate, the more you clearly attain wisdom.

How to contemplate?

Since koan is a catalyst it is important to concentrate on figure out the essencial meaning of the koan. Before going to enter this mode, we will try to get rid of worldly thinking and sooth your mind by calming meditation. Make your mind empty. Also ask guidances from your guardian spirit through prayer. Talk yourself and ask yourself what this koan means. At beginning you would not get anything rather just get bored and you cannot think anything, so not expect too much. However don’t give up, continue practice then soon or later you will get used to quiet and lonely time but you will receive warmth or light or words. It takes practice.

Wisdom is very worthy

Through koan contemplation you will attain your own wisdom that directs your life. This is a treasure for you came from your true self. It is your own production that is worthy thing for you.


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