Thought Power

It is the well known research but tell you its story that students of Harvard University were asked about their future vision. 84% of them did not have clear goals and objectives. 13% of them did have goals and objectives but did not have it written down. 3% of them had clear goals and objectives and also had it written down. A few decades later and they conducted the same research and result was, One with clear goals and objectives and also had it written down (only 3% of the total) had 10 times higher income then (97% of the total) put together.

It is important to set a goal which is in accordance with God’s wish (bring happiness to more people, do good service for society.) When you start working on your dreams, you first need to have a clear idea of your goals. You can start by setting yourself a big goal. Then, you should set yourself smaller and middle-term goals to aim for on the way. For example, many students have goals like, “After I graduate, I want to achieve this and that within three years,” or “I want to do this and that before I am thirty.” If you are around thirty years old, then you might want to think about what you will achieve by the age of forty. As you decide on larger goals like these, you will also want to think about the things you want to achieve on the way to these larger goals.

So, use your thought power. To use thought power we have to have a concrete image of you or dream. That will be a blueprint of your life. When you build your own house you ask a designer to draw your blueprint, it is same thing. Our life needs also a blueprint. Without one our life will be adrifted and haphazard. It goes as just it goes. In this mean a goal or dream is very important for our constructive life. However most of people don’t have long term goal, ten years, twenty years, thirty years later what will be? Do we have such an image? Ichiro, who is a major leaguer from Japan has made incredible records in his baseball career. These are not only one. Amazing thing is that in his graduation essay at an elementary school he wrote clearly that he want be a major leaguer even no Japanese major leaguers was around at that time. Many Japanese children had a dream to be baseball players, but not specified to a major leaguer except Ichiro. Someone said that 99% of our dreams are not manifested, even it is true, it is precious to have a dream. If it was not realized in this lifetime, it would be achieved in the next life. St. Peter was a fisherman who could only speak a local language while St. Paul could speak a couple of languages, so St. Peter pledged in his mind to be clever enough, two thousand years later, he became a principal of Tokyo university also as one of strong evangelists of Christianity. I read this story. This kind of thing happens on our world. So let’s dream on until it comes true beyond lives. That is a really hope as humankind.


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