How To Cure Lifestyle Disease?

Controlling your mind

Lifestyle disease is pain in neck, however it will be cured easily. It is cured by correcting your mind. Correcting mind means controlling your mind 100%. How can you control you mind? First of all you have to grasp a condition of mind, check your mind of it is filled with three poisons of mind – greed, anger, foolishness (complaints). Without diagnostic what kind weather is in your mind like rain, snow, or blue sky… we cannot control your mind. If your mind weather is cloudy, you would  have something not solved or unharmonised or unsatisfactory. These are lying unconsciously within your mind, that’s why you eat too much, or abuse yourself. For this reason, first thing we have to do is to grasp the condition of your mind. Once you find out your mind condition, then next thing we will do is to figure out what causes the bad weather within. For example if you found sorrow in your mind, why is that, what does cause a cloudy weather? Then figure out the reasons. Every phenomenon is under the law of cause and effect. So find out reasons why you are in sorrow. Once you did it then thirdly try to extinguish it.

Do right routine

Set the alarm and fix the time to wake up. It was 6:30 am for average people to wake up in Japan about ten years ago. Of course it depends on each person but it is good to get out from a bed in the early morning and make your own pace. My son in his high school age he used to start his action around 2:00 pm. It means he didn’t go to the school, now he is in the university he wakes up 5:00 am and go to part time job then go to the class. He is much healthier than before.


As a discipline in the morning I recite “Dharma of the Right Mind” that consists seven sutras and other prayers. It takes twenty five minutes but it’s very worthy for health and mind to get energy.

pexels-photo-461428.jpegThese are the vitamins for our body and spirit, so it is recommended to do everything for our healthy life.

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