Life is Like a School

When I was young around twelve years old  I was wondering why I live here, why I am existing, what will happen after I die. I had had such theoretical questions, but I had gotten no answers. Then I had forgotten these unsolved questions. Meanwhile I got problems of life, I didn’t think about the questions that I had had. At age late twenty one big affair remained me them again. Since then my I have been searching the truth. Now I have found one and been continuing to learn.

Life is a textbook

This is as well as “life is like a school”. In my research I learned we make a life plan before we were born. It is basic plan like we choose parents, partner, job, children so on. It is like we make a plan before going trip. Even a short trip we roughly make a schedule, our life is much longer so why not to do it. Of course plan is just a plan it may not go as you planned. But we have a purpose in this life trip. But we all forgot it and we just live for the matters in front of us. We have lost our individual purpose of life. I also learned that we planned even setbacks, difficulties, and problems in order to evolve the soul. These are not just as karma but we design for new developments of our souls. That’s why Buddha said “Life is suffering” but he didn’t just said it. Buddha provided how to solve our life problems knowing system of the life and universe. Our soul is eternal and God allows us to grow through so many experiences. Attaining enlightenment and evolving the soul is true meaning of our life by overcoming such difficulties through lives. That is “Life is like a school”.



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