The Eightfold Path – Right Speech

The third step of the eightfold path is right speech. Reflecting the four guidelines: false speech, abusive words, deceit and flattery. First of all we have to check whether we are speaking lies or not. I always keep myself not lying and not making an exaggeration. It is very crucial that you make false claims especially your enlightenment. Next check if you speak ill of others and be deceitful. We intend to speak ill of others but have to hold yourself before saying it. Once you expressed such words, it will make a job and you will have counter reactions. So be careful not to make an another bad karma. Before you dispatch your words hold yourself a moment to check what you will say before causing a big trouble. Third one is to avoid too much flattering. It may be acceptable if it is greeting but if you want to control others or to pretend too nice, flattering is not acceptable. Fourthly, encourage yourself by using positive words. To create utopia society we have to fight against evils and to proselytize.

Right speech is not weak speech rather we have to use always positive, conservative, and bright words. It is not only sake of others but also it is for yourself because you are always listening your words through your ears, so positive words make you positive, negative words make you negative. That brings goodness or badness depending on how you speak. In order to speak rightly we always back to original point that is right view then right thought because your views create your thoughts, your thoughts prepare what you want to say. If you don’t say anything just make a smile. It brings happiness and joy into your life. View and thought are not physical matter, however words have power to make something in this world physically. So we have to be careful.


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