The Eightfold Path – Right Action

So many thoughts pop up in our mind a day. Its number are 50,000 to 70,000. Number of our action is also so many per day. Actions are retrieved from our thoughts. Good thoughts invite good actions, bad thoughts invite bad actions so we have to think rightly. Actually our actions are derived from our views. For example, if you see a person in front of you is evil, you think he is disgusting so you behave badly to him. In this mean, if you want correct your actions we have to look back our thoughts first. That is why order is very important for eightfold path. Also when you reflect yourself on actions, you reflect why I did such a stupid thing, then you find how I thought it, and how I see it. Reflect backwards. Your view, thought and action are very connected and related. So when you reflect your actions, always reflect your thoughts and views. That is necessary for correcting actions otherwise you are not doing reflection of right view.

The laws of cause and effect

Buddha discovered 因果の理法( The law of cause and effect).  Everything in this world is ruled in this law. That is why Buddhist disciples are so restricted that they are always requested to sow a good seed for a good action. Everything is connected and will make an another result. Once you sow a seed it flourishes then make an another cause then it becomes an another result. All things are related and they affect each other throughout past, present, future (三世因果)

Looking everything by cause and effect

Right action is a reflection that we see everything is connected so that once we found an evil deed, we look back what triggered your action then correct it, also try to get rid of an another bad result in the future. For example if you drunk too much, in that case you look back what caused this action. Then you found that it was too much stress from your job, once you realized the cause, try to get rid of such an original reason.

異熟 (Wrong result)

Everything is connected and related. Therefore if you make efforts, it will bring good result. That is the law of cause and effect. However, life is not so simple. If you study so diligently, you sometimes fail an examination. Or bad people flourish and good people not. It is called 異熟 (ijyuku). This three dimensional world is filled with injustice and contradiction. So sometimes the law of cause and effect seems not to work straightly. However, beyond this world everything is so logical. The cause cans effect is completely true beyond this world throughout the other world. Good action brings a good result! That is a truth!


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