Is life once or many? It depends on what kind of idea you believe. In buddhism also depends on some sect, but usually we believe in reincarnation. Life after life, it continues eternally until you become a Buddha. We are all on the way to be a Buddha by evolving our souls throughout so many lives. Usually we stay here 60 – 80 years, but length of stay in the other world is usually longer than ones we stay in this world. Although there is no time in the other world, if it is equivalent to this world time, it is averagely 200 – 400 years, however, the modern world is much more existing so that it seems shorter than before. Our essential world is the other world and this life is just temporary to do discipline in order to grow as a spiritual being by having your life plan that designs what kind of evolution you will do through its life. There are no lives that don’t have problems and setbacks because these are the events that you had scheduled in order to your soul training. Since these were programmed by you there are nothing that you cannot overcome. If you could overcome each of them you can grow each time. It takes so long to grow by having experiences in each life. We all have a 仏性 (Buddha nature) that is our essence inherited from our Father. So we have a same nature as our Father possesses, but these are not as much as matured yet as our Father has. We are on the way to a buddha, still so many steps to go, That is why we have to have so many chances as lives to develop these natures.

Different age, different area, different sex

The next time when you are born is a different age and different place, even different sex maybe. If you are an artist if you are born so much time as a male, it causes some problems on your works so you choose a sex each time also a physical father and mother for your art works. Usually you don’t choose sports athletes.

Guardian spirit and brother souls

Our spirit group consists of one core soul and five brother souls. Each time after you die you share your experiences with your brother souls in the other world. And each time when you are born you have a guardian spirit who has just returned from this world in order to support your life for not to lose your life. Each brother soul has life memory and personality when you were in this world. That means you have six life memories in your spirit group. Once you have returned from this world you become your guardian spirit then the one guided by your guardian spirit will become a guardian spirit next. This is a secret of the reincarnation.


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