The Great Ocean Meditation

There are so many types of meditations. This great ocean meditation combines some of these types of meditation. The first stage is that you are floating up ten feet above the surface of the center of the great Pacific Ocean. Now you can see the sun is setting on the horizon. You will so relax from the busy and complex daily life in this stage. No one bothers you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so you will release your stress from your heart by watching sunset. After a little while you will be surrounded by darkness but stars are twinkling in the sky. Now you are flying up to the sky. You see a moon shining. So now you are going to approach to the moon. Then you sit on the surface of the moon. You can see the blue planet that is our planet, earth. You feel extraordinary feeling beyond earth sitting on the moon. It is absolutely out of our dimension so that it reminds us our essential figure that is a spiritual being. After you see the earth for a while then coming back to earth again. Now you can see the high mountain. So you will approach the top of the mountain. Sitting in lotus style then you become a golden statue of Buddha while you see people below you. You see tiny people there. As a Buddha during you are watching people below you, you feel your mission that you have to save them. So many people are in the middle of suffering, you feel their pains and distress so you will save them. That is true and essential figure of you.


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