Buddha Nature

There is a term “自然法爾” (Shizen Houni). It means we possess innate worth naturally. This worthy thing is called “仏性” (Buddha nature). All plants and animals, flora and fauna possess inborn worth inside of them. It has potential that become like a diamond. That means we all can become a buddha (a buddha is a person who enlightened) because we have a buddha nature that is a core of our spirit and soul within. However, it doesn’t means that everyone can become a buddha if you don’t do discipline and polish a diamond otherwise it stays as a coal. We are equally given such a precious potential, because we are so worthy as children of God, but it is necessary to do discipline for making it as a diamond.

一切衆生悉有仏性 vs. 一切衆生悉皆成仏

一切衆生悉有仏性 (issai syujjou shitsuu bussho) is that all living things have the possibility of becoming a buddha who is a enlightened person although still there is an idea of 断善根 (danzenkon) means that someone doesn’t have a buddha nature and disconnected with Buddha so he or she cannot become a buddha. 一切衆生悉皆成仏 (issai shujou shikkai joubutsu) means everyone can become a buddha. This is true, we all have a possibility to become a buddha because we all have a buddha nature. However, it doesn’t mean that we all become a buddha without discipline or just after we die. In some sect of Buddhism, we say “he became a buddha” at funeral. But it is not easy. To become a buddha requires so much efforts throughout so many reincarnation. There are so many steps for that path.

This idea that we all possess Buddha nature requires to make us efforts to shine it throughout so many lives. It is very different from idea that if you believe in God you will be saved.


Any Color You Like

“Any color you like” in the “The Dark Side Of The Moon” doesn’t have lyrics, illustrating many colors by just instrumental.

Sunlight is one color. But its reflection through a prism makes a rainbow. One source but many colors. There are so many religions, however, originated from the one source. Why do they different from others? It’s because ages and places where each religion was established was different from others. Teachings, rituals, custom are not the same because they are adjusted to those ages and places. All religions are preached for happiness of the people who lived there at that age.

One source, One God, but many gods.

All religions are originated from one source but we call it in a different names, Elohim, Buddha, Father, Allah. So why do we flight and killing each other? It’s ridiculous because we worship the same existence, same God. In this planet earth there is the supreme being that you may call God or Father or Allah in different religions, but it is same.

Also there are gods or you may call them angeles or bodhisattvas depending on religions. They also work for happiness of human beings. They are like colors made by a prism. Different colors so that they are not almighty like God, however, they work for people’s happiness using their strong points. It is like a school, one principal but many teachers for students.

Any colors represent elements of characters of God. Yellow is the color of teachings, white is the color of love, blue is the color of wisdom, red is the color of justice, purple is the the color of reverence, green is the color of harmony, silver is the color of science. One source but many colors. We understand each other!!