Ninth Dimension

Ninth dimension is the highest dimension in this terrestrial, earth. The souls of great prophets and leaders are a resident of this dimension. They are Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Confucius …the most enlightened human souls are around in the ninth dimension. It is the highest dimension that human consciousness are still existing. Beyond this dimension, no more human characteristic spirits are around. The tenth dimension is a conscious realm that no human forms and human consciousness exist, only the Sun consciousness, earth consciousness, and moon consciousness there. The spirit world is a realm of consciousnesses, no physical forms and materials exist.

After you die, only energy with consciousness still exists. That still remains as spirit. Since this world is a material world so such a spirit with consciousness transcends to spiritual world. That is a world for spirit after die then will reside in the dimension which is suitable for you. That means it depends on what you thought and what you did in this third dimensional world. The more you enlightened, the higher dimension you go to. After all our energy and will and thoughts remain even we die. That is a life after death, God gave us an eternal life. However, those who had lived by covetousness, evil thoughts and deeds attune to the dark world in order to reflect and repent their sins.

Spirit world is hierarchical world so that those who have same frequency and enlightenment of souls dwell in the same realm. It is an easy and nice world because same thinking people are around you, those who you like are around you, those who you don’t like are not around you. It’s very nice!


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