Keep Your Health By The Right Mind

Most of the illness and sickness are originated from our mind. There is an astral body which is a same size as a physical body, it is located just under the body. Our mind affects to the astral body. Since an astral body adjacent a physical body, our mind influences the physical body. For instance, if we have negative thoughts, they damage the astral body, then its damage penetrates into physical body. This happens organs, too. Organs are also affected by the thoughts of you. They are very related with your condition of mind because organs have consciousness. Each organ has individual consciousness. Usually they are harmonized each other. However, if your mind is get disturbed by some incidents, it creates disturbances inside of your body, then it causes illness at the week area. Your dark and negative thoughts creates dark clouds around organs so that some of weakened organs are affected by that negative energy.

Relieve stress

Stress makes disharmony around organs and creates evil energy inside your body. This influences organs. Modern age and society is so stressful. If you don’t know how to handle the stress, you cannot survive in this complicated world. Drinking, shopping, and long telephoning are not ultimate solutions. To fundamentally solve that problem, you need to rectify your mind and thoughts. It is good to practice the eightfold path: right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right will and right meditation. This is the end path of 四諦Four satya (苦Suffering・集its cause・滅its extinction・道path). Four Satya consists of Surring, its cause. Its extinction, and path(the eightfold path) the suffering is the four pains: birth, aging, illness and death, the cause is finding the origin of suffering, the extinction is to try to extinguish those pains, by the path which is the  eightfold path.