Spiritual Illnesses

I was waiting for changing a signal from red to green at the intersection, after it turned to green, I crossed the intersection, but some woman who was riding a bicycle with two kids waiting at the other side for changing the signal still didn’t move at all. Her face was so dismal and no emotional. It seemed like she had something to think seriously.

What is a spiritual illness? When you have too much pressures from others in a life, especially from your boss, supervisor or not only a person but also financially, you would become a spiritual illness. We call it 霊障 (reishou). Sometimes it causes depression or not only a mental illness but also physical illness such as cancer or stroke.

What kind of pressures do we have? If the deadline is so tight and your work is not going well, it is so much pressure for us. Or if you got so much responsibility that is far beyond your capabilities, it will become so pressure for us. In other case, if you are in financial difficulties, payment due is so close, it would be a pressure for us.

What another element causes spiritual illness? It is a stress. It is even the kind of the same as pressure, but it’s a very crucial element of becoming spiritual illness. What kind of stresses do you have in our life? We feel stress from relationships, or if the things we expected didn’t go well, we usually feel stress. Also your goal is too high and too difficult to achieve, it is so stressful, too. Nowadays, those who are living in a modern society cannot escape from stress, especially if you live in a big city, like from a driving commute.

Therefore, we have to learn how to deal with those stress and pressure. Otherwise we would die easily in very complex and busy society. There are a slew of managing stress, meditation is one of them. So let’s practice meditation for reducing our stress and pressure from our daily life to fulfill our mission of life.

What is Arhat? 2

First, aim to achieve the state of arhat. You will discover the world of true awakening only when you reach an even higher level of enlightenment than that of the sixth dimension.

What is the deeper awareness, the higher enlightenment that transcends the enlightenment of arhat? The state of enlightenment above arhat is known as tathata. When you attain tathata, you can receive guidance from spirits at higher levels of Heaven and commune with them spiritually. These Guiding Spirits are from the seventh dimension or above, and usually reside in a higher world than the world of your own guardian spirit. When you reach this state, you are virtually indomitable. Except under the most extreme conditions, you will no longer fall into the hands of devils and demons. Once you start receiving guidance from Tathagatas and bodhisattvas, you emit light that fends off all evil.

When you attain the state of tathata, arrogance is no longer possible; you are always humble. Your main concern is finding ways to help and serve others, save those lost in life, and contribute to the world. Conceit is the main reason people fall from the state of arhat, but once you achieve the indomitable state of tathata, you no longer have egotistical or self-centered thoughts and desires. Your mind always remains calm. It is at this stage that you can practice Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration in the truest sense.

In the state of tathata, you also gain a new spiritual ability. Then, as you approach the next level of awareness-the state of boundless perception-you attain a complete understanding of other people, even if they are hundreds of miles away. For example, just by bringing someone’s name to mind, you can instantly grasp her current state, her worries, and the spirits that are influencing her, as well as gain access to all her past lives and her future incarnations, even if that person is on the opposite side of the globe. This is a remarkable ability, however it’s important to keep refining and deepening your love and wisdom and not become completely absorbed in the power of second sight.

From “The Laws of The Sun”

What is Arhat?

These are an explanation from “The Laws of The Sun”.

When you attain the state of arhat, you have the strong faith and unshakable mind with which to withstand worldly troubles. You can receive guidance from your guardian spirit on a daily basis, and you can understand the feelings of others as if you are seeing through their minds. In other words, you have become spiritually mature, and as a religious person, you have reached a level where you can teach and guide people.

Nonetheless, even at this stage, you are still in danger of falling down the ladder of enlightenment. You haven’t grasped the scale, height, and depth of the teachings of Buddha’s Truths, nor have you gained access to the enlightenment of bodhisattvas, which means that you are still at high risk of being misled by disbelief and evil thoughts. If you attune your mind to the spirits that reside in the Tengu Realm and the Sennin Realm in Minor Heaven,[14] you may be tempted by rudimentary spiritual ability that grants you psychic power and the ability to cause spiritual phenomena. Instead of seeking such supernatural powers, however, you should deepen your love and continue your pursuit of higher levels of enlightenment. And never forget the significance of studying the Truths.

One reason people tumble from the state of arhat is that they neglect their efforts to polish their minds. If your mind were made of metal, you would need to remove all the rust and make it shine to attain the state of arhat. Even so, it would get rusty again if you forgot to polish it. If you do not notice that your mind is getting rusty because you’re convinced that you are a great master who has become enlightened, then you are in great danger of falling.

When your mind has been polished to a bright sparkle, its surface is very smooth, which makes it capable of repelling negative energy, no matter how evil such energy may be. But when your mind gets rusty, its surface becomes rough, and all sorts of negative thoughts and ideas stick to it. What’s more, devils in Hell can drive pitons into the receptive surface of your mind and hang ropes that reach down into the depths of Hell. Various creatures, including lost souls, animal souls, and even Satan, can climb up the ropes from the world of darkness and creep into your mind. Some religious leaders, in spite of having managed to reach the state of arhat, allow evil to sneak into their minds this way. This evil confuses them, infiltrates their teaching, and leads them to ruin people’s lives. This is a most dangerous pitfall.

So never forget how vital it is to keep your mind free of rust at all times. Remove the rust and polish your mind until it shines. If you let devils climb into your mind, you’re in deep trouble. As long as you provide access, devils will find the way to creep inside you, no matter how many times you try to exorcise them. You won’t be able to achieve true salvation merely through exorcism or an act of spiritual purification; only a polished mind can protect you from invasions from Hell. This is why maintaining a shining mind is crucial. Studying and practicing the Truths can help you remove the rust and keep your mind polished, and such practice of repelling evil is a prerequisite to higher enlightenment.

So the first step to attaining the higher levels of enlightenment is to reach the state of arhat, which is a pure state of mind undisturbed by worldly matters. In this state, you can communicate with your guardian spirit and sense the feelings and thoughts of others as if they were your own. Until you attain this state of mind, you will not be able to pursue further spiritual training or attain a higher level of enlightenment.

Greed or Obeying: Aṅgulimāla

The buzz on television is now talking about the intentional foul of the game in the college American football in Japan. It was some player supposed to be ordered to commit an intentional foul to make a damage against the opponent quarterback. Through this foul he had seriously injured.

Now TV shows are reporting the interviews of both sides which are the player and coach which made a decision to commit the foul, it was the college coach ordered it or the college player did it by his decision. Over eighty percent of viewers disagree of the comments of the college coach in the interviews. The player said in the interviews he was ordered to “smash” the quarterback by the coach. The coach said “I said “Smash” the quarterback to him, but it is common to say in that way in the game.”

This reminds me the story about the monk whose name is Aṅgulimāla who was seemed to be around in the Buddha age. This is the story: Aṅgulimāla was engaging in his discipline under the high rank monk. One day his master took a trip to other temples. Since Aṅgulimāla was young and handsome the master’s wife led him to a seductive behavior, but he refused her action. After the master returned, with crying she told to him she was almost raped by Aṅgulimāla. The master was so upset on him but since he was the high rank master he didn’t scold him instead, he gave him an order that kill hundreds people then he would gave a status of the completion of his discipline. Since Aṅgulimāla had a desire to get a high status, he accepted the order, then he killed the people in the village night after night one by one. In the story it tells that at the time he killed ninety nine people, he thought that he kill his mother to accomplish his discipline given by his master.

At that night on the way to his mother’s house, he met one guy so he thought it didn’t matter for him who he kills so he decided to kill that guy instead of killing his mother anyway. After he decide it, he chased him to complete his order, but he couldn’t catch up him. So he said “Stop moving! Don’t move.” Actually he was Shakyamuni Buddha. He replied to Aṅgulimāla “I am stopping and I’m still, you are moving, moving is you!” Then according to the story Aṅgulimāla‘s hair became bold and he became a disciple of Buddha.

Too much desire, we often call it as greed, if you have too much desire that you cannot control, you would lose your conscience even your desire is high and sacred. Therefore we have to control our desires.

How does Subconscious Work?

President Trump canceled the meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a couple days ago. Yesterday without planning Mr. Kim met with the South Korean leader Moon Jae-in surprisingly. According to the Reuters which one told to meet is unknown. They agreed to proceed to have non-nuclearization in Korean Peninsula so that they still seek to have the meeting with the top of USA on June 12th, also the US is preparing for the meeting to send the preparation team to Singapore where the meeting were supposed to hold.

What is going on? Our subconscious is a very important part of our decisions. Subconscious is lying in the spirit world consisted of conscious of six past lives. If you have an ability to read the subconscious by calling one of main subconscious of his past lives, you can figure out what he is really thinking about deep inside of him. Usually we cannot do it, we will figure out from the things happening superficially now.

Mr. Trump is influenced by George Washington who is one of his past lives as a guardian spirit. Mr. Moon Jae-in seems like he is affected by the WWII Italian leader Mussolini.

Each of us has a guardian spirit who is one of his past lives and influences his decisions from the spirit world as his subconscious mind. Superficial conscience tells a lie sometimes but subconscious doesn’t hide his thinking.

If you want to know true thinking, we need to access his subconscious, but not all people can do it, only few can. One of the state of your mind called “Arhat”, which is the first stage that Buddhist disciple aims, can read people’s mind somehow. In that sense, it is very important to commit disciplines for purifying a mind-heart to become an arhat in order to read the future of us.

What I learned 4

“Pride is the conceited heart, or the arrogant mind.

The next delusion is doubt. In this context, I am generally referring to a mind that Buddha’s Truth, but it also includes suspicion, a tendency to doubt others, and the defiant heart.

The last delusion, false views, refers to mistaken ideologies and outlooks.

The word is being flooded with mistaken ideas through the reports that appear in the newspapers, on television, and weekly magazines and they like.

In order to keep away evil spirits, willpower is necessary.

When you are physically exhausted, you will find that the light does not enter your body, but evil is easily attracted instead, and you will be unable to correct your mind, no matter how hard you try.

In this way, to avoid possession by evil spirits, it is important to live with the righteous mind and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Religion often talk of creating a spiritual screen or barrier. If you are fighting with evil spirits on your own, your mind can be connected to various realms In the spirit world according to the law of the mind. That is why it is important that you create a good spiritual field to prevent evil spirits from intruding.”

Learn from a Failure

Last night I conducted some service that I was in charge as a new project. Since it was new project, the situation surrounded around me was so severe, it was a situation that failure was not allowed. In that sense, I intended to do the preparation very well, but actually it was failed for me. On the way to return to my home, usually I read or write this blog, but I couldn’t do anything because I was filled with a sense of defeat which I can not say anything.

Yet, at that time I couldn’t think or do anything, I tried to do reflect my mind and reviewed the process that I did, even it was so painful feel like stabbing a pin into a wounded part. However, I could find some very important things and hints for the next(if it exist) . It was a moment that I learned something so useful for me.

A life is filled with success and failure. No one can win forever as long as you fight or you never fail unless you don’t do anything or challenge. It is inevitable. The important thing is to discover new things or learn from a failure. Actually it is very painful because you don’t want to see your miserable scene again, however it is very important to attain some lessons to be useful for the next.

If I had a next chance I would like to try the things that I have learned from my this failure. Moreover, even I might fail again, but with a strong mind I would like to get some of juice from the failure.

Failure is very sad and very painful, people sometimes laugh on you, but if you learn from it, you will become a winner rather than a loser. Learning from failure is not easy but it is very successful way to live because that is one of the meanings of living in this world. I hope I will not fail again, hopefully anymore but it is impossible so if I failed again I will do what I did this time and get another wisdom again.

Abandon Hatred, Love Each Other!

Japan has been threatened by North Korea with their nuclear development and its missiles. They have launched missiles so many times over Japan. Our alert system, “Japan alert”, has been executed each time when the missile launched, usually it’s in the morning around 5 am. So people complain not only launching but also alert, it says “Hide in a concrete building or basement”. Most of time, it was over the countryside of the north part of Japan, there are nothing like robust buildings or basement that people can hide in those area. It should be amended. In addition to threatening by missile launches, there is an issue of North Korean abductions of Japanese citizens. Still more than sixty Japanese are in North Korea since they were abducted. Japanese government tried to solve it several times but no progress has been made.

Now we have hope that the leader of its country and president of USA will have meeting some time in June hopefully, if it is held, the prime minister of Japan would have a chance to talk with North Korea in order to solve these issues, I hope.

Why do people fight each other? Why can’t we respect and harmonize each other? I know it is not so easy because even those who loved once each other before fight against each other in a court.

Now we need the wisdom and enlightenment to solve these problems for peace in this terrestrial. Abandon hatred and love each other, understanding each other. If we could control our worldly desires more, we could have more peaceful society and world. If we knew the true meaning of this world, we could awaken to the real life. So I have to spread the truth.

Enlightenment of individual and public are different, the leader have to use more wisdom to solve international issues but I hope we can understand each other and love each other more!! Then we can sleep well.

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Opening Our Future!

Individual future

Each of us has a different future, of course. That means everyone has own future and no one can live others life and future. How is an individual future created? It depends on what kind of thought you have in your mind because your thought leads your life. What you think is what you are. This is the truth not only spirit world but also in this world. It means if you have a dark thought which is a negative mind, it manifests into a spiritual world first then it will appear in this world soon or later. Your thinking is a creator of your life. Therefore we should have a constructive, bright, and positive thoughts within our mind. That creates a bright future in front of you.

How to create our future?

Before I knew this law I had been thinking that our future is always coming to us no matter what you do. It means we cannot create our future not only individual future but also a future of humankind. Only we could do is to accept it or not, or how we can manage it. So I was relying on fortune tellers or an astrology to foresee what kind of future I will have. However since I met true teachings I never augur my future again because I learned I can create my own future by using my thoughts. After that I met some fortune teller who said that if you have a faith in God and you, you won’t be affected by those telling your future.

Corrective thoughts

You can create your future with your own thought’s power. In the same way as this fact we can create our society’s future! It is the same as each person’s future is formed by his own thought, our future is created as well as an individual future. Our thoughts that is a corrective thoughts create our future. For example if most of the people in that age or country filled with a pessimistic and negative thought their future will be dismal. Conversely, if they are optimistic and positive, their future will be bright.

In order to create a bright future for the next generation we have to influence each one of us to be positive and bright. It is important to encourage each other not to be obsessed by dark thoughts because our corrective thoughts determine our future whether it is dark or bright.

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Sudden Death

A couple of days ago Hideki Saijo, who was a well-known singer and actor passed away. He was only sixty-three-year old. Since he has been so popular as one of men’s idol since he was young, Japanese TV’s are still reporting about his death even now. According to these TV shows he had had several strokes from his fifties, but we felt it was a sudden death and spritzed us very much. Sixty three is still young nowadays because our average death age is over eighty four for a men and women’ one is eighty seven in Japan.

Sudden death is a very sorry incident that both the man who encountered this sorry event and his family and acquaintances because they don’t have room for accepting that tragedy especially the man suddenly died cannot recognize his death, sometime it takes more than month or even longer to admit his death. The worst case comes to those who didn’t believe a world after death, their time is stopped at the time they died and their conscious stays same. It continues for more than hundreds years until they really recognize that their idea of life was wrong.

Usually, after you died you can really recognize your death even you died by an accident by watching your funeral or an invitation from your relatives such as your mother or grandfather so on if you are not an atheist. However, if you are so stubborn on his theory, you cannot accept any signs of urging to the other world, you stay this world still and to see that everything is as dream or people get lost instead he did.

Sudden death such as car accident, stroke, so on is hard to accept by if you learn the truth about death and the other world, you can figure out what happened to you and how you are going to. In that sense it is cry important to study about spiritual truth while you are living in this dimension.