Lifetime Self-Reflection

We are children of God so we all are pure at the time when we were burn. Since we cannot be born from the hell we are all cleared by the reflection even you were in the hell. Our soul which is the essential figure of human being supposed to be shining as a crystal. However it is stained with our evil thoughts and deeds while we are living.


Reflection is one of very useful and effective methods to cleanse our mind and soul. It is to look back your thoughts and conducts if there are bad ones or not. But it is not to torment yourself rather it refreshes and rejuvenates you. Reflection will get rid of dusts and muds from your mind and heart then it will shine as a pure crystal.

Life reflection

If you accustom a daily reflection, that is very worthy habit that cleans your mind and heart each day so that your mind and heart will be pure enough to open the windows to communicate your guardian spirit. That is one of the purposes to practice a daily reflective meditation. Although it is still very useful practice, it is necessary to cleanse your whole mind and heart for cleansing a whole life. It is another reflective meditation that to look back your life from your birth to now, usually to reflect each period which is divided by some length, for instance reflect from birth to six , six to twelve, junior high, high school, so on. Through this process we have to face sometimes our a big karma that brought into this life. It is very hard to fight this painful problem. Before we die, cleansing our mind take you to heaven easier and this is a way to become an arhat.


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