Love is Giving

The essence of love is to give, giving love is true love. That is love that gives. Taking love is the real seed of causing trouble and brings you pain. Most of the problems and pains we have are caused by the misunderstanding of the essence of love. If you want to take love from others, most of the case, we have some difficulty to manifest your wish when you take love. For instance you want to get love from the person you want her as your girlfriend, you would have a hard time unless you are so handsome and rich. Or if you want get fame, honor, or respect from others also it’s not  so easy usually that you would have the same as you take love from your girlfriend to be.

Instead, giving love is sometimes not easy but if you don’t expect the returns from the giving love, you might not have a difficult time rather you feel so happy. That is an unconditional love that you don’t expect any returns, just giving. Feeling pains and causing trouble is brought by expecting some returns, if you don’t, no pains will come. For example, if you do something for others like helping and supporting to the person you want to date, but she doesn’t give you any chances, you feel you lost, but if you just do them for her without any expectation, you won’t feel that, rather you feel happy. Most of the case parents don’t asking us to pay back for nurturing and feeding us because they are giving us as their love. And we don’t ask our children to pay for the things we gave to them.

Jealousy is one of taking love from lovers. A little bit jealousy might be OK but if it is too much it gives no way to be happy both jealous and be jealous of. We opt to take love from others even we know that is wrong way to become happy. “Blowing like a clear wind of love” is the image that we always remember.


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