Shohei Otani’s Vision of Success

Shohei Otani, 23 year old who went to USA to be a major leaguer. Now he belongs in Anaheim Angels. What he is very special is that he is an art of double talents. He throws well and hits well. He does a starter as a pitcher and he does a batter while he doesn’t throw. As a pitcher he throw over 100 miles fast balls. His average of hit at bat is around.333. We expect him that he would get ten wins and over .300 at bat. That is a minimum number he would get unless he is not injure.

Of course he is a vet good talents as an athlete but not only that. His mental is so strong. He said “I want to what no one has never done before, not following someone, I would like to go beyond them.” Actually Babe Ruth was ahead of him. His batting average was .343, Pitching W/L record was 94-46. He is a model but only one.

In addition to his mental strength his vision of future was so clear. He said “Thinking first in my mind, it is an image of throwing 100 miles fast balls, then it becomes reality.” Also, he had designed his future image in his high school age by using a “mandara” vision. ( It has 81 boxes starts from center box that you write your future image or goal. Around it you write additional items. When he was in high school he had created very precise visions of success already. That is one of big keys for his success. Always vision is first, then practice, it will manifest.


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