Family is an Oasis

I have been married for over 20 years. At the beginning we had had some conflicts in small things that are the cultural differences. Except these issues so far so good marriage for me. I appreciate my wife for giving me such a wonderful life until now, but nobody knows the future:-)

I have read the following essay about marriage. “Couple love and romance are different. If you misunderstood this fact, two, three, five years after your marriage, losing an attraction as a romance partner you wake up from a dream and relationship will become as brother and sister, friends, mother and son, or master and disciple. This era is a stage of fatigue that we have to be careful and change our idea on marriage because both wife and husband see faults and defects each other. It is a time to examine if they can live their long life together really. It doesn’t matter whether your have high status in a society or your beauty or skills. It is a serious and sadness moment to consider a rest of their life.

As a result of foreseeing if they decide they are reliable and credential, that’s decision called a 真諦 (ultimate truth) in buddhism. That is an acknowledgement of truth and reality so that you never lose your way. This is a true union from the law of casualty by a natural force. I think through this combination true marriage life and true love between wife and husband will begin. Therefore a love reaching this point is as very natural as a fish in water, trees in a mountain. Still sometimes they quarrel each other, hate each other and complain each other, but they never separate anymore. Since they are oneness so that a wife never miss a husband’s suspicious behavior.

This is one example, the wife said to her husband “Where are you going?” at the door. “Wherever you go it is the same as me. It is not as good as me nor as bad as me. Don’t waste your time, let’s go to play together.”. Making a bitter smile, he said “I gave up” and they went together.” I say “What a wonderful couple, isn’t it?”


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