Spirirual Reason of Hay Fever

I remember that every year this season is an pollen allergy term yet Japan is much easier than this term. Usually from beginning of February to the end of May. I phoned my wife who is still in USA a couple days ago, she said he has started her pollen allergy a week or so. “Cars are now yellow covered by pollens”, she said.

I came back to Japan earlier than her at the end of March, as soon as I stepped out from the deck of the plane at Haneda in Japan, my pollen allergy has started. It was much worse than one I had had in USA. I have had a running nose, itches on my eyes, even I have had a headache. It was so hard for me to breeze at night while I was sleeping. But that is not only me but also most of Japanese people, probably I guess 40%, are suffering from an pollen allergy now because I can see so many people are wearing a mask for preventing not to inhale pollens especially young people. Strangely enough, most of elderly people including my mother who is over eighty five years old are not wearing a mask. I don’t know why. As you know pollen allergy begins for any one and any time suddenly so actually you are not exception.

It is said that spiritually it is caused by if you are not familiar with the nature, that means lack of gratitude and appreciation, lack of concern with the nature such as trees and flowers. Since I knew this fact, I have tried to be a friend with the nature! But it has not been cured at all for me. It is still the same, maybe I need more appreciation? Anyway we have lost so much appreciation and gratitude to the nature that nurtures us. Without trees and flowers our life is vain and probably we cannot survive in this plant. I bow to the nature.

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