Bodhisattva who Conveys Trueths for Love as Understanding Othres

“With regard to love, basically what is important is to understand others.” Understanding others is actually giving live that is a the work of a Bodhisattva, who works for conveying teachings because he truly loves others and makes them to reach true happiness on behalf of the Buddha. And conveying the truth is the uppermost giving love to others because it is really sure all the people in the world would become truly happy if they learn and practice our teachings under the guidance of Buddha.

Bodhisattvas lead the people to be disciples of Buddha in the first place because being a disciple means spiritually connecting to Buddha tightly so that they are given Buddha’s light directly and always guided to practice the teachings by Him to attain further happiness by sometimes overcoming the problems of their own or sometimes extending their achievement and success in life. However, sometimes we might have a difficulty with leading people to believe in God or Buddha because they must be strongly particular about their belonged faiths and religions or even obsessed to materialism, and a difficulty with encouraging them to practice the teachings because they don’t feel like making any effort to practice the teachings since they are only blaming others for the causes of their sufferings or problems without self-reflection.

How can we give love to those kinds of people and lead them to right faith and true happiness? The answer is that we shall begin with understanding others to realize your love to them. That is why “To understand someone means virtually the same as loving that person.”  If you find the person who declines the faith in God or Buddha or underestimates the teachings, we try to understand why they are thinking or behaving like that and to work out the most appropriate way to tell them the Truth instead of giving up on them. That is a respectable attitude of bodhisattva. To work out the most appropriate way to approach people from different backgrounds, we need to enhance the ability of understanding. Once again, “If you want to understand others, improve your ability to listen.” And also, “A willingness to listen to what others have to say is also an expression of a loving heart.”

“Even if you do not do anything else, just listen carefully to what your partner has to say, and you will find that lots of problems will be solved by the mere act of listening.”


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