Recently a seven year old, elementary school girl was run over a train, actually she was killed by someone then her body was placed on the rails. Now a suspicious guy who is 20’s was called as an important reference person then he confessed about this affair. I’m very sorry for this young girl and family.

This news reminds me some very cruel incident that (I am afraid of writing) a beheaded head was placed in front of an entrance of an elementary school in Kobe city. It was boy’s. Soon or later the criminal was arrested by the police. I don’t remember exactly because it happened more than three decades ago but I think he was also around 20’s. He was a kind of “otaku” who always stays in home and plays video games or watches some sort of movies.

After he was arrested, he took a psychiatric examination because what he did was so cruel and his behaviors were so strange. In his investigation, he repeated “I don’t remember it.”

We can see this scene always because these people are always possessed by evils while their conscious is out of their body. Their mind is attuned to evils due to their life is so dark filling with a negative energy by watching and playing so violent and brutal scenes. This is the same as “King of Macbeth”. They are attracted by those evils then they are taken their body. That’s why most of cases they don’t remember what they did.

Our mind is like a magnet that attracts things that is an accordance to our vibration of the mind. Therefore we should always keep our mind peaceful and calm. That is very safe!


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