A Death Candle

I heard the following story about a death candle which is a light ball hovering around graveyard.

“One night he was in his house and, glancing toward the entrance, suddenly saw a death candle. He realized immediately what it was and, grabbing a broom, chased it around the hall until he was finally able to capture it under an overturned basin. It sounds like a scene out of the movie Ghostbusters, but he succeeded in capturing a death candle with a basin. A short while later, one of his neighbors came and said, “You have to come quickly, your uncle has just died!” His uncle lived quite close, He had been confined to his bed for a long time and everybody knew the end was near.

When the nephew heard the news, he thought that he had better go and pay his last respects. As he wa about to leave, his thoughts turned to the death candle he had trapped. “I suppose I had better let it go,” he thought and, lifting the basin, allowed it to escape. He walked to his uncle’s house, arriving to find that the dead man had suddenly opened his eyes and begun to breathe again. “How dare you chase your uncle around like that?” the older man reprimanded his nephew. “I cannot believe you trapped me in a basin.” The man had actually caught his uncle’s soul and, with the soul unable to return to the body, the uncle had died.

When death is approaching after a long illness, it is not unusual for the soul to slip in and out of the body. In the case of the uncle, when his soul left the body, it became trapped, and with the soul unable to return, he was confirmed as dead. Once the soul was released and able to return, however, the man came back to life, cursing his nephew for capturing him. Of course, the nephew had not known that the death candle had been his uncle’s soul and he shuddered with horror.”


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