What I Learned Today 1

“People in this world believe that their eyes are open and they can see everything. But seen from the other word, people living in this world are blind. People on earth are only able to see the three dimensional word, so from the standpoint on the real world , their eyes are see nothing.

On the other hand, the laws of the spirit word differ and it is possible for two objects to occupy the same place.

Another example can be seen in voodoo, often criticized as a pagan religion.

The spirit and Hell cannot spend all their time possessing people on earth. They will come to earth when somebody is in a condition suitable for possession, but when this is no longer the case, spirit cannot stay. After they leave a person on earth, there is evil spirits return to their “domicile” in hell, the place where they out to be.

Possession occurs when there is a connection

So how do you get into contact with someone you wish to meet in that spirit word? Of course, you will gradually be drawn toward the spirits and places that emit similar frequencies, or retain a similar state of mind to the yours. The attraction of the same wavelength will pull you toward a certain word or village, and you will enter a place to which you are most suits, a place that suits the frequency and state on your mind.

Moreover, if you are acquainted with someone and know his or her name, all you have to do is to call out that name and your mind will connect to him or her right away. If you know a person’s face, it is even easier to make a connection and you can get in contact immediately.

For example, Shinto shrines are often used for weddings. During weddings, when the Shinto priests intone prayers, the gods of matchmaking really come down to celebrate the couple and the physics are able to feel their presence most strongly.”

Miracle Power

Own power and other power

When I was young one of my classmates had often visited the shine to pray for passing his entering examination of high school while we were studying so hard. I was wondering why he goes to there so often, instead why don’t you study.

Buddhism always emphasises on existence of a buddha nature that is dwelling within us as an essential element of human beings. Since it is a very precious as a core of the nature originated from Buddha or God, we see a human has the potential to become a great person, great beings  as children of Him by disciplines. So more like we place an importance on own power comes from our inside instead of other power that we expect God’s love to be saved. Although there is a prayer in Buddhism, it is more like a pledge to Buddha or God to do something for Him or to elevate yourself. Contrary, Christianity often pray for asking support or help from God because God is the existence so far from us.

Comparing to Buddhism, it is said that Christianity is a “cat type religion” instead Buddhism is a “monkey type religion” A monkey type religion is a religion that when some crisis occurred to them, mother cats carry away kitten and run away. A monkey type, baby monkeys hold mother monkeys running away. That means a baby monkey has to use his power to grab his mother instead a kitten just ask her mother cat to help to escape.

Of course if we insist on only an own power, it is not a religion. We worship the great existence with fear and beg his great power. Buddhism is more like leaning to use own power for his happiness.

Different power

When we have a strong faith a different dimension power will assist you. It is a heavenly power coming down to you in corresponding your strength of faith. The stronger faith you have, the more power will come into you. Oneness with God, that is a full power you will get through pure faith.

But not only 100 percent other power, but also you need own power to make success, as the following proverb shows “Heaven helps those who help themself”.


Miracle is the thing that is beyond this worldly rules. That needs a different dimension power. In order to exert its power we need both own efforts and asking the power to God. If you are so indulging your hobby or playing without effort God never gives you a hand. Although a miracle needs a different power but also our powers too. That breaks this worldly rules then a miracle will kneel in front of you.

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