What I learned today Part 2

A can possess a body when there is something to itself to. When somebody’s blood flow is disrupted and congested in a certain area, spirits are able to latch onto it. The places where this congestion occurs become prone to fatigue or pain and, looked at spiritually, they take on a dark shadow. This is where our spirit can attach itself.

For instance, people suffering from rheumatism or who say that their feet always feel cold often have a snake spirit wrapping tightly around their legs. Those who suffer from chronic headaches, who are always complaining that their head hurts, often have an animal spirit processing their head.

If that stayed continues for a long time, this is to say, your thoughts remain fixed on the single issue, then it will appear to spirit in hell as if a rope has been lowered down to them from above. They will look at this single, long rope and say to themselves, “What is this in front of me? I suppose someone wants me to come up.” They will then grasp hold of it and begin to climb.

While the precious may appear to be a rather pessimistic outlook, the principle of impermanence allows you to get rid of the greed for fame, the self-serving greed to expand your business, and all other earthly attachments. As a result, you will feel somewhat relieved and the possessing spirits will move away.

Another method is just think positively, to make your heart brighter, and to cut your connections with evil spirits.

For example, if you are suffering with a business matter, you may find the spirit of a dead company president possessing you and sharing your worries and suffering, believing it is his own company.

The first level of enlightenment in to grasp the truth that human beings are not physical bodies but essentially spiritual beings. I presume that about 70% of people have not attend this first level of enlightenment.

Therefore it is extremely important that you believe in and are devoted to the righteous ready religion while you are still alive.

In this way, if spirits start seriously and purposely to try and make others suffer, they will be classified as malicious spirits. If they are left to their own devices, they will carry out evil deeds endlessly, one after another.

To a greater or lesser extent, everybody has the feeling, “If I cannot be happy then I want other people to be unhappy too. No one can deny this. If you cannot be successful and find happiness yourself, then you will want to make others unhappy as well, to feel better. This feeling can build up and, eventually, it becomes a powerful force.

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