What I learned 3

There are numerous examples of a negative mind. They are is, for example, an envious mind, a mind that is full of jealousy. There is a mind that is always filled with dissatisfaction and complaint.

People who is easily lose their temper, who is say and her terrible things, who complain, or who have a prosecution complex, always blaming others for their misfortune, will be approached by spirits from hell.

According to the Buddhist doctrine, the main factors that create a negative mind can be summed up as the six worldly delusions, which are greed, anger, ignorance, pride, doubt, and false views.

Greed is excessive desire.

The next delusion is anger. It is the kind of mind that suddenly flies into a rage, and people with this kind of mind are prone to possession by animal spirits, particularly snakes.

Next, we have ignorance, or foolishness. This refers to the kind of people that make many mistakes and create their own suffering. In particular, there is ignorance with regard to religious truth.

Fools are people who are not seek any spiritual values but seek happiness only in through material objects like physical pleasure.

closeup photography of book page folding forming heart
Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com

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